- Redevelopment of Industrial Wasteland based on the Renewal of Mining Cities: A case study of Xiaqiao industrial wasteland    click here to open paper content1044 kb
by    Chang, Jiang & Feng, Shanshan | changjiang102@163.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
With the decline of the mining industry and the resource exhaustion of mining cites in China it becomes and urgent task how to redevelop industrial wasteland. Through the example of Xiaqiao industrial wasteland, the integration system of city space, economy, society, culture and ecology, etc. will be built up.
In numerous mining cites of China where resources are dried up, the
redevelopment of industrial wasteland increasingly becomes a serious city problem that must be solved. First, the paper introduces the background of Xiaqiao industrial wastelands in Jiawang district, and points out the problems brought by the closure of mines; then it analyzes the potential values of the industrial wasteland in mining cities and identifies the main targets of the wasteland redevelopment; at last it investigates the methods and strategies of the integration of industrial wasteland in mining cities of China from several aspects such as material space, economic structure, social culture, ecological balance, etc.
mining cities, industrial wasteland, regeneration, China
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