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Short Outline
This paper elaborates the practices of industrial estates in Turkey and evaluates the industrial estate policy of Turkey as an urbanization tool.
An evaluation of industrial park policy of Turkey: Izmir as a case study

This study focuses on the examination and evaluation of the industrial parks policy of Turkey and the development of fundamental aspects of industrial park planning. The objectives of policy have been constituted in the Five Year Development Plans by State Planning Organization (SPT) since 1970. These objectives have been; achieving balanced regional development, using industrial parks as an urban development planning tool, directing industrial development, decentralizing industry and reducing unemployment by providing incentives and disincentives for manufacturing firms. Nevertheless, they have not been achieved yet. But on the contrary, manufacturing firms have selected location in the provinces of most developed regions of Turkey, Marmara and Aegean Regions. This practice was contrast to the industrial estate policy of SPT. Thus the Ministry of Industry and Trade became law of industrial estate in 2000. Aim of the law is to regulate location selection, establishment and management of industrial parks as an urbanization and industrialization planning tool. Just now the developed cities have too many established and establishing estates that cause unexpected and uncontrolled urban growth, social problems, less economic growth and idle capacity. Thus, structure and historical development of manufacturing industry of each city should be analyzed and an industrial estate planning should be made based on the law and the objectives of SPT. With its 20 industrial parks; that are active, on the process of construction and on site analysis stage, Ýzmir has the highest number of industrial parks in Turkey. Hence, the province of Ýzmir is analyzed as a case study.

Keywords: industrial parks, urban development, Izmir
industrial parks, urban development, Izmir
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