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Short Outline
Beykoz authorities have a chance of acquiring an efficient instrument of city development. The right to legally use the land is granted to illegal settlements inhabitants by a super edifice contract. But they do not receive the title of property.
Many municipalities suffer from a huge obstacle to their development process. Most of the soil is in private hands. Much of this land is misused as an asset, often kept long to raise prices especially in times of strong migration and demand for land. Therefore much suitable land is not available for fulfilling its original purpose.
A nearly reversed landowning situation can be observed in parts of Istanbul. An 80% rate of illegally (on 3rd parties land) built houses seems to be a huge problem. But having a majority of the land in public authorities' hands - even if it's already used illegal but nevertheless properly - is also a unique chance for city development.
Specific usage of the soil can be achieved more easily. Developments like speculating with the land and selling it to financial potential, highly disintegrative projects can be counteracted more effectively.
The ''legal by condition but illegal by law'' gecekondu settlements have to be brought to a legal state by giving the house owners the right to use the land, but not to own it (Long term super edifice contracts). This legalization process can create initial incentives for quality improvement throughout the settlement area, as well as a stalemate situation between land owning public authorities and land using private subjects concerning matters of selling out the land to undesirable disintegrative developments.
Additionally the protection and building restriction laws need to be reinforced in a way to enable those counteracting undesirable developments like the consumption of valuable environment for low density housing in the geologically stable forests of Beykoz.
Such reinforcements can consist of broad public awareness creation against undesirable city development, offering alternative housing solutions detached from geological stability of the land or last but not least giving incentive for a stricter enforcement of such laws.
Illegal settlements - undesirable city development - controlled legalization - city development instruments
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