- Concept of ‘Identity’ in designing the Future – the case of a historical peninsula in Ýstanbul    click here to open paper content88 kb
by    Ulusay Alpay, Bilge | bilgeualpay@yahoo.de   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
This paper will discuss the local identity and traditions within the historical part of Istanbul and estimates will be made with respect to problems and opportunities in its traditional connections with local people and identity.
Cities acquire identities in line with the consciousness of people. Cities constitute the economic, cultural and social structures which people have created to maintain their lives which in turn affect their lives. Cultural processes shaped throughout time as reflected on the physical space constitutes the urban identity.

Social processes create urban spaces which in turn are shaped by that space. Identities are not only the products of the social structure; people are connected to each other by physical spaces they live in. They tend to attribute a meaning to a space they live in. Recently, creation of monomorphic environments with influences of globalization caused cities to become uniform in form. This process results in elimination of the local culture by the dominant culture.

Therefore in this paper, content of the ‘Identity’ concept, and different approaches to it will be discussed. In addition, answers will be sought for several questions such as ‘What does identity mean for the historical peninsula in Ýstanbul and which is the subject of a prospective structural change?’ and current position will be evaluated with respect to a its historical development, potentials, both in terms of urban functions and general identity of the public as well as opportunities to highlight the image which will mediate the reflection of this identity and highlight the design for the future.

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