- Economic Integration and urban Policies in Rosario Metropolitan Area    click here to open paper content326 kb
by    Bragos, Oscar & Mateos, Alicia & Pontoni, Silvina | oscarbragos@arnet.com.ar   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The paper deals with socio-spatial fragmentation and metropolitan and urban policies adopted in Rosario Region during last decade.
Towns within Rosario Metropolitan Area have chosen different development strategies face globalisation dynamics and economic processes. The region assumed its traditional role, given at XIX Century, as grain exporter. Since last decade the area has registered a big transformation according with policies adopted. In general, social fragmentation is found within the towns and between the towns in the metropolitan area.
Some towns have developed vegetal oil industries, grain depots and ports; in other towns industries became obsoletes and did not renew; a few ones have renewed their industries. Meanwhile, the central city is capitalizing the profits of the economic grow through an exceptional development of constructive activity associate to residential buildings, hotels, and shopping centres. All this facilities have been devoted to a regional market.
Otherwise, there are some urban centres of metropolitan area that are attracting the highest income families through promoting high quality residential development.
The roles assumed by different towns are the result of successful or failed strategies to position them in the new scenery. But certain towns have been carried on some non- sustainable politics of inclusion in the model, such as those ones that develop plans to attract industry locations with no rational land use by-laws, overestimating capital inversions.
Different cases of socio-spatial fragmentation will be showed in the paper as well metropolitan and urban policies adopted to solve emerging problems of economic strategies. Relevant socio-economic data will be used to explain different cases.

integration - urban policies - socio-spatial fragmentation - regional transformation
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