- State of the Art of City Marketing in European Cities    click here to open paper content1737 kb
by    ANNALISA Giampino, GIAMPINO | Gildo.Seisdedos@ie.edu   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
In the summer of 2005, city members of Eurocities' Development Forum filled in a questionnaire on city marketing that was completed by 28 european cities from 12 different countries.
This paper contains a synopsis of the responses of these cities.
Marketing for cities is a strong trend on urban agendas because of increasing territorial competition. At the same time, city marketing remains a nebulous discipline as there is a broad range of approaches and not much feed back to understand its real impact.

Where are city marketing actions in the municipal organigram? What king of organisational structures are supporting these new issue? What's its importance in terms of investment? Is there a common pattern in the definition of key indicators performance? What audience are city marketing initiatives targeting? What's the toolkit cities are using to get a positioning in the global arena?

Thois papers puts some light on this issue as contains a sypnosisi of 28 european cities' response as well as a general overview of the pace and direction of marketing in cities.
city marketing; place promotion; place branding
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