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Short Outline
The City Strategy is a transformational long term strategy for transforming the Tshwane settlement and municipal institution. The planner’s role in uniting strategic intentions and incremental municipal action is explored.
The City Development Strategy (CDS) is a long term vision guiding the development of the South African capital. Local government in SA is continuing to grapple with urban challenges of a newly democratic society plagued by huge socio-economic disparities playing themselves out in contested urban areas. In 2003 the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality (CTMM) sought to articulate clearly a response to the rampant private sector driven development that was driving the city to be increasingly unsustainable.

As an institutional response to drive settlement and institutional integration, the goal was to overcome the challenge of overwhelming market forces reinforcing Apartheid era segregation. Moreover, the disintegrative forces were fragmenting municipal functions and departmental agendas within the municipality itself.

The Tshwane CDS takes a radical position of seeking to clearly influence the market trends and development logic of key actors in the Tshwane space through a public sector driven productive investment agenda. Secondly, the municipality had to respond urgently with innovative forums and formats for integration in conceptualising and preparing for CDS execution through the legislated Integrated Development Plan (IDP).

The case study covers the following topics:
• Consolidating an inclusive vision and building a common story around the future of the city
• Improving IDP in the CTMM through adopting a strategy-led, implementation oriented approach to municipal service provision while delivering on an expanded developmental mandate. The Tshwane Development Management Cycle is investigated as a model for integrating several municipal processes.
• Review of the impact of the Tshwane CDS 3 years since inception
– evaluating the utility of the tool for the municipality;
– changes in development trends;
– property market dynamics pre- and post the Tshwane CDS;
– varying sentiments of public and private sector actors in 2006
City Strategy
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