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Short Outline
Sustained involvement in Integrated Development Planning contributes to integrated governance that focuses on addressing key issues for joint decision making, resource allocation and implementation thus varying the plannerís role through the process.
Post apartheid thinking, legislation and implementation has valiantly endeavored to redress the injustices of inefficient planning, unequal resource allocation, limited development and a lack of service delivery to the majority of South Africans through changing the entire structure of government, its functioning, accountability and delivery.

Integrated governance is integral to this in ensuring that critical urban challenges are targeted. The Province of Gauteng has embarked on a process, through the implementation of the Inter Governmental Relations Framework Act (IGR) of involving the various Sectors of all three spheres of government in a process that allows for joint planning, resource allocation and implementation. The Province utilised the legislated process of Integrated Development Planning to allow key Sectors to input into the process in order to ensure that Integrated Development Plans (IDPs) become plans of government.

Critical to making the concept of joined up governance a reality was the building of relationships with people within the various spheres of government that were able to see the benefit of being part of the process, contributing to the process and aligning different agendas to ensure coherent outcomes. It was equally critical to provide a formal platform for engagement where all parties had equal rights for negotiation and decision making. The Province has also embarked on developing a cycle of engagement through the process that could be utilised by all stake holders.

The Case Study will cover the following:
- The concept of utilizing the IGR Act in the IDP process to make integrated governance a reality
- The role of Provincial government in leading and facilitating this process
- The proís and cons of following this approach, along with lessons learnt
- A critique on implementing the legislation
- The planner as an advocate, a mediator and an initiator
Integrate governance and planning
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