- Neoliberal Land Market and urban-territorial Complexity in Puerto Vallarta, México.    click here to open paper content154 kb
by    Gonzalez Romero, Daniel & Pérez Bourzac, María Teresa | dgonzaler@gmail.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The case is about neoliberal land and territory use, touristic problems for the future and contains ideas for a new plan.
Neoliberal market and urban-territorial complexity in Puerto Vallarta, México.

Daniel González Romero

Universidad de Guadalajara


During several decades, the city of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, one of the most important tourist destinies of Mexico, had an urban definition based on its quality of distance and certain isolation. The place only could be reached by air and by an incipient and difficult road. From then, since the fifties, after the shooting and distribution of the film - made in Holywood - ''the Night of the Iguana'', starred by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, the city became the site of meeting of a group of cinematographic stars and the national and world-wide bourgeoisie. In 1960 it had approximately ten thousand inhabitants and 150 hotel rooms, plus some great turism private residences. In 2006 there are already more than 150,000 inhabitants and nearly three thousand rooms. It receives annually 1.2 million of tourists.

Today its scheme is changing quickly. The most popular-typed leisure market has modified the base of sustentation of its economy. It is thus, then, that the phenomenon of general growth has impelled substantial changes in its reality. Step by step the conditions of needed infrastructure and the direction of its tourist operation, within the framework of globalization scenes, have received the changes that today approach it and surround it with problems that could modify deeply its perspective. In this context, the real estate sector has moved quickly in the last years, specially due to the demand of a growing tourist middle-class flood and the capacity of mobility and consume of the small bourgeoisie, towards the sale of departments and the well-known schemes of the ''time-shared'' market, situation that is changing quickly its appearance and future. In this process is added the conurbation of Nuevo Vallarta, a Municipality of Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, which comes annexing complexity to the problem. The phenomenon is considered as a high-difficulty one, whose growth started only two decades ago. The territory of both urban spaces is located in the edges of the municipal limits of the states of Jalisco and Nayarit.

This presentation displays a critical study on the situation of an urban space and its territory, that certainly will face problems and challenges of difficult and complex solution in the next years and decades. There are involved in this complex situation subjects like: contamination, population growth, infrastructures, ecological deterioration, security environment and quality of life for the population.
tourism, land, plannig, city
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