- Property Profitability versus Property Risk: From territorial impacts to market behaviour    click here to open paper content177 kb
by    Marques, ┴urea & Silva, Elisabete | aurea-marques@iol.pt   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
This case study shows urban dynamic modelling suing land evaluation models and financial models.
In the scope of a Ph.D. research on financial markets associated to land change, profitability and risk, this paper sets the fist steps of the research; introducing the context, the associated models, the impacts and the overall structure of the model and its expected results.
The understanding of the economic mechanisms that constraint land change as well as its micro-macro behavior through time are fundamental to understand, explain and predict, for instance, the housing markets.
The outputs include: overall synthetic indicators but also cell base statistics of local variation. I order to reach theses goals cellular automaton models will be used and incorporated with existent models.
land markets, financial markets, cellular automaton
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