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Short Outline

By Manal Abou El-Ela

According to Konra “A city is most urban when its inhabitants stay out at the public places.” To what limit is this applicable to recreation places in Cairo, especially with the involvement of telematic technology, is the subject of this research.

A case study of some recreation spaces in Cairo will be studied through; the analysis of some areas to show the dynamic change that took and is taking place in the recreation areas there through time and space. How telematic technology controls both, recreational spaces in Cairo and Cairenes’ recreational behaviour?

In Cairo and through the Arche-citta recreation experience had its meaning. Time was the “present”, where the recreation experience of being “with” others was the dominant. Then the “cine-citta” influence on recreation spaces made it more open; recreation meant the “with” and “without” others / the passive and active recreation and “time kept on skipping, skipping, skipping into the future”. Till it reached now where in the “tele-citta” time represents the past and the hyperactive recreation is the dominant. The multi-individual experience of recreation scattered and condensed through space. Everything is there now, just go and choose; fast food, shopping, movies, techno-music, virtual reality games, cyber-cafés, all shrunk in one recreational space. A new concentrated “world” just waiting for participants to be explored. It is very complex in Cairo where the three worlds exist, the Arche, the Cinematic and the telematic world. Which one is the preferable choice of Cairenes? How do these influence their behaviour and attitude? Are Cairenes’ aware of such influence on their identity? Are they really enjoying the recreation experience or are they just part of the play? How are planners supposed to grip to their identity facing the telematic technological influence on the recreational space in Cairo?

As an architect who belongs to the transit generation in Cairo, who dreams of living in the “Arche-World”, but belongs to the “Cinematic World” and is still surviving in the “Telematic World”. I keep on teaching students at the university the meaning and importance of trying to hold to their identity against the flow of globalisation. Will it work? Or is the flow much stronger?

I would like to contribute to the parallel session2: Dynamic Networks and Floating Nodes.

The research focuses on two main aspects of recreation within Cairo, the physical and behavioral. Both will be explored through time and space within the arche, cine and tele-world. Moreover, the study pinpoints the impact of rapid industrial and technical changes on the recreational attitude of Cairenes. This will be achieved through a physical analysis and an administered questionnaire.
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