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by    Bacharyar, Wassey & Ahad Wahid , Abdul | bacharyar2002@yahoo.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The city of Kabul has many urban problems to solve, in particular in the spontaneous areas. The paper shows the difficulties of populations that through monologue seek for a trialogue with urban planners and the municipality.

The city of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan its history goes back up in approximately five thousand years.
Its ancient inhabitants called this city Kubha and lived on the sides of mountains by leaving the lands of the plain to cultivate there. In the last century under the influence of the strong migration and more recently by the disaster of the war, the inhabitants due to the lack of available grounds and for reason of security, built more and more towards the heights at such a level, where the access of houses is made only by tortuous paths and these houses lack infrastructure elementary and public facilities .

This study has a double interest to be presented to the Congress of Antwerp : - Monologue of an excluded population which asks to be a part of the city by having a land legal status and to receive a minimum of infrastructures and facilities.
- While in the cities of the developed countries, the town planners and the authorities try to make the population participate during the planning and especially during the implementation, the population of excluded from Kabul, on the contrary wishes and demand strongly the assistance of the town planners and the authorities to resolve them problems and to succour
In front of the scale of this urban problem, the Afghan authorities remain dumb and inactive, can be by the execution too expensive and social problems which could engendered this operation. However there are solutions. It is the object of this study which furthermore must be discussed during the world Congress of ISOCARP .
In the stemming from this congress of Antwerp, this study can bring a solution in districts of the outcasts of Kabul, but also will allow to find solutions of thousands of similar districts worldwide which are in the same conditions .
A summary of solution consists in taking following measures:
- The exact identification of the zone of study as experimental project , - the establishment of a topographic plan and a inventory of houses by a socio-economic study
- The elaboration of a plan of rehabilitation which includes two main objectives:
- Creation of a main road and some secondary roads including the networks of water, sewerage and electricity.
- Elaboration of Title for land which would allow the municipality to receive some land resources and to give to the inhabitants the right and the possibility of resorting to a banking credit in aim to improve their dwelling .

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