- How can Cities in the Alps-Adriatic Region improve their Competitiveness and cross-border Cooperation through visioning of strategic urban Projects?   click here to open paper content343 kb
by    Pichler-Milanovic, Nataša | natasa.milanovic@ff.uni-lj.si   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The paper shows the results from the comparable survey of policy and decision makers on strategic urban visions, policies and development projects towards competitiveness and cooperation in some cities in the Alps-Adriatic cross-border region.
Since 1990s, political, economic, cultural and institutional changes in Europe, conditioned by transitional reforms in Central and Eastern European countries, and the process of globalisation, EU enlargement and integration (»EU-isation«), brought about increased competition between cities and regions. Simultaneously cross-border inter-urban and trans-regional/national cooperation (i.e. horizontal and vertical links and connections) stimulated competition, but also enhanced the preservation and/or improvement of the quality of life within the paradigm of sustainable urban development. European cities try to enforce now their globally comparable and competitive urban functions demanded by the inhabitants, companies, institutions and foreign visitors. They simultaneously strive to build a different, distinct, particular and unique identity, with which they can enforce the promotion of various advantages of (inter)national significance. These demands are conditioned by city marketing, while simultaneously strengthening competitiveness and stimulating urban development dynamics. The goal is not only to improve the international role of a particular city, but also to strengthen specific local factors through strategic urban projects, which could further improve city competitiveness, enable an adequate quality of life for individuals and different social groups, strengthen economic and social cohesion, and ensure the integration of a particular city in different urban networks, institutions and associations. These planning and development issues in the context of cross-border city competitiveness and cooperation are explored in some cities in the Alps-Adriatic cross-border region (Graz, Trieste, Ljubljana, Zagreb).

urban visions, strategic policies, development projects
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