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Short Outline
Geogracom 5W+ is GIS for the spatial decision-making process, implementing methodology which uses new indicators, and describing the consumer properties of space. Usage results are based on real input data and are understandable by citizens and politicians.
Decision makers must clearly realize the interrelation between objectives, described by planning indicators, external conditions of success (future vision, development scenarios), taken measures (programs off development and spatial replanning) and risks (negative results and sustainability to changed external conditions) involved by a choice of some strategy.

GIS for Decision Support for Long-Term Spatial Planning of Regions and Cities (GISDS) for being used in practice would pass the following conditions:
1. It would use real input data, which can be extracted from defined sources in acceptable time limits
2. It would use new planning indicators, describing the consumer properties of the space, which significance is not temporary. The sense of this indicators must be clear to politicians and citizens.
3. It would help to find strategy, sustainable to errors of forecasting. Another words, every time during strategy realization there must be significant results, even when the realization of the strategy stops before the finalization by some reasons.

GISDS Geogracom 5W+ , using for the long–term strategic spatial planning of CIS regions, mostly corresponds to listed requirements. With its support were developed transport development strategies for more then twenty regions of CIS. Using various future visions, multiple scenarios of economical, demographical and social development, Geogracom 5W+ helps to estimate and compare different programs of spatial replanning and to choose the desirable one.

This way for Kirovskaya Oblast region was offered the project of transport skeleton, allowing to improve a life of the population and to inhale new forces in economy of area due to compression of the space for freight traffic by 53% and for passenger traffic by 36%. Also this decision allows to make lower the transport discrimination of the population in five times. With it help the opportunity of achievement for comprehensible time of the base medical, social and educational services, concentrated in regional and the regional centers, is provided for population. It is proved, that the accepted strategy can be financially realized under condition of the accelerated development of central economic cluster that is stipulated in the general social and economic strategy of the area.

spatial planning, decision-making process, GIS,consumer properties of the space
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