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Short Outline
This is a case study from Fontana City in Argentina where planners worked directly in partnership with members of the public, public institutions and Local Authorities. The objectives of the partnership arrangements were to tackle perceived issues and define, as far as possible, a holistic vision for the city.
Planning with Community Vision of Fontana (Argentina)

The city of Fontana with 26.708 inhabitants is part of Great Resistencia Metropolitan Region with 356.765 inhabitants (National Census 2001), located in Northeast of Argentina. Fontana Municipality is one of extreme poverty community within the region, with strong social demands and limited budget. Furthermore, this area is having lately development pressure and to deal with it, only has out of date ordinances, few resources and no planning practice.

To prevent further sprawl development and to control land uses, the current Mayor of Fontana city has commissioned to Planner University staff to formulate new regulatory framework, containing zoning ordinances and local code, as a starting point to plan in the urban region, trying to achieve sustainable development. The proposal is also related with “Provincial Planning System and Result Assessment”, approved by Law number 5174 as a broad framework.

To tackle mentioned problems, the planner staff has followed different stages based mainly in the Community Planning Vision and Public Participation Techniques in order to defined objectives, key planning strategies and new framework of Land Use Regulation proposal. The methodology can be considered as innovative process in the region: community and public institutions working in partnership, identifying key issues facing Fontana, shearing common vision, mutually supportive, guiding citizen, public institutions and government into planning practice aimed to effectible deal with them.
planning in partnership+comun vision+extreme poverty community+sustainable development
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