- Improving the Pedestrian and Bicycle Transport System in Downtown of Beijing   click here to open paper content992 kb
by    Huang, Bin | henryhwangcn@yahoo.com.cn   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
This paper identifies the problems of pedestrian and bicycle transport and the reasons behind them. After that technical and policy measures are proposed to tackle the problems. Finally a demonstration project is being carried out.
As essential components of sustainable transport, cycling and walking was once dominant traffic modes in China which was then called ¡®the kingdom of bicycles¡¯. Accompanying with private cars¡¯ booming and cycling and walking environment worsening, the share of walking and bicycling has been shrunk for decades. However, cycling and walking have been coming back to city planners¡¯ eyes in terms of provoking livable and sustainable cities since global environment got worse and auto-oriented cities lost vitality. In Beijing, Cycling and Walking Enhancement Project ( CWEP ) has been carried out for providing better cycling and walking environment since the Master Plan of Beijing made clear a strategy of promoting cycling and walking transport. CWEP identifies the problems in cycling and walking transport system. To tackle with the problems, the reallocation of street spaces has been done according to the volumes of automobiles, bicycles and pedestrians. In-depth analysis has been carried out for issues such as redesign of traditional cross-sections of trunk, collector and local roads. Car, bicycle parking and bus stop have been taken into consideration as well in CWEP. New streets layout is proposed to integrate design of roadside parking (both cars and bicycles), bus stops, pedestrian crossings and furniture into design of cycling and walking system.
Pedestrian, Bicycle
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