- The Experience of Brownfield Regeneration in Ronneberg, Germany - A Case Study on Former Uranium Mining Redevelopment    click here to open paper content644 kb
by    Guan, Ye | guanye2003@hotmail.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The paper discusses the following:
1. the situation of brownfield regeneration in China. 2. the case study in Germany from the following aspects: background and history; programme operation; the effect on economy, society and landuse. 3. significant experience for Chinese cities.
The sustainable land use is a very important part of low carbon urban development. Now in China , many cities are facing the lack of constructive land ,but on the other hand, most “brownfield land ” emerging with the economic structural adjusting are still in abandon. Therefore the research of the brownfield land redevelopment in China should be significant. Meantime, European developed cities have plenty of experience and practice on brownfield regeneration. So this paper chooses a brownfiled land regeneration program hold by Wismut company, which was a former biggest uranium mining in Ronneberg, Germany, and studies the case on technique, program operation, social effect and so on. Finally the author will outlines some experience which could be applied in China.
Brownfield , Regeneration, Germany
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