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by    Guenther, Felix & Tosoni, Ilaria | guenther@nsl.ethz.ch   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Aim of the Code24 Initiative is to support sustainable development in the regions along the European Corridor 24 Rotterdam - Genova throughout a better coordination between spatial and infrastructural projects and plans.
CODE24 intends the interconnection of economic development, spatial, transport and ecological
planning. The projects area of Corridor 24 covers a number of the most important economic
regions in Europe within this major European North-South transport corridor across NL, D, CH
and IT linking the North sea port Rotterdam and the Mediterranean port of Genoa. Its catchment
area comprises 70 million inhabitants and operates 50% (700 million tons/year) of the north-
south rail freight. The opening of the Lötschberg tunnel in 2007 and the Gotthard tunnel (2017)
and the parallel expansion of the feeders will further improve the importance of Corridor 24 as
Nevertheless, some major bottlenecks and a lack of transregional coordination still threaten the
potential of the axis, limiting its economic and spatial development.
CODE24 aims at a coordinated transnational strategy to strengthen and to develop the corridor.
The overall objective is to accelerate and jointly develop the transport capacity of the entire
corridor by ensuring optimal economic benefits and spatial integration while reducing negative
impacts on the environment at local and regional level. By focussing on regional aspects in the
corridor area and joint development strategies, the project will strengthen the position of
regional actors and stakeholders within the entire Corridor. It will provide planning tools and
tailor made solutions to remove major bottlenecks and enable pro-active stakeholder
participation. This accommodates both the development of the railway system as well as a
sustainable spatial development.
Cooperation focuses on three main topics: (1): Elaboration of a joint concept for the integrated
infrastructure and settlement development along the corridor. (2) Definition of an action program
identifying the most relevant projects and investments needed in order to achieve a jointly
carried functional and operational scenario for the corridor. (3) Identification of crucial spatial
development areas which could be influenced by activities within the Corridor, including the
interregional dependencies arising from different possible development perspectives.
Corridor Development Rotterdam Genova
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