- Impact of globalisation in the agglomeration dynamics of Trujillo, a north-western Peruvian city   click here to open paper content26 kb
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Short Outline
Impact of globalisation in the agglomerative dynamics of Trujillo, a north-western Peruvian city

 Contribution:In the TAN seminars only case studies of developing
countries have been presented
 Collaboration possibility:Due to the fact that Peru, as a poor country,
is in the initial phase of technological adoption , planners at the
Congress could collaborate discussing alternatives for innovation and
diffusion possibilities at the Trujillo area.
 Considerations towards theoretical applicability:Government role in the
spatial planning items of a third world country suffering historic
centralisation and economical reprimarisation process in a global
economy scenario.

 Typology of Peruvian international commercial relations (N.B. According
to Sachs , Peru is one of the technologically excluded countries since
it hasn't yet managed to adopt or create hi tech products GNP
 Use and misspending of existing comparative advantages/ new approaches
in Peru
- Time - space conditions: Geographical localisation and articulation
- Adoption capacity of more profitable and sustainable technology and
of information networks
- Seeking markets for modern sector services tourism
 Interrelation and insertion in the globalisation process as a
potentiality for activities development in a Peruvian northern city so
as to achieve competitivity
- Activities transformation in rural areas within its threshold - hi
tech usage
- Commercial flows: present, possible generation of new flows and
- Urban function shifts having services (tourism included) as an engine
 Existing barriers for planning and assumption of roles by different
government levels
- Deregulation and institutionality
- International strategy in relation a technological links (so as to
overcome development restrictions)
 Decisions to undertake Presentation of channels with which a country
like Peru will benefit from globalisation.

Besides the fact that this paper is part of an investigation in process, between October 2000 and January 2001 I have been in charge of the general co-ordination of the initial phase of the Urban Development. Plans for the 24 Peruvian Departments of my country.

PRESENTATION Parallel Session 2

AUTHOR Arch. Marcela Villa Luna Fac. Arquitectura y Urbanismo / URP PERU / SOUTH AMERICA
Hi-tech has reached Trujillo, one of Peru's large cities. Opportunities rise from new technology/information/transport networks, potential markets, and decentralization policy. Government and planners spatial planning roles are challenged by a historic centralized developing country with a reprimarisation process in a global economy scenario.
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