- Sustainable urbanism in coastal environment: an applied project to expanding urbanized zone of Aracaju City, Sergipe, Brazil   click here to open paper content1151 kb
by    Goncalves Garcia, Marina & Vasconcellos Garcia, Antonio Jorge | nina_0601@hotmail.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
This paper presents partial results of geo-science multidisciplinary
studies applied to coastal
environments and its usefulness in terms of a proposal for sustainable
urban development in
the expansion of the city of Aracaju, capital of the State of Sergipe, in
the northeast of Brazil.
This work is a proposal for the development of solutions to be applied to
the problems faced by regions of urbanization in coastal areas. Coastal
environments are places of great instability and fragility geo-
environmental and offer great difficulties in their occupational planning
and growth, significantly aggravated disorderly expansion situations,
leading to occupation of environmentally sensitive sites.
The city is the State capital of Aracaju, Sergipe, located in northeastern
Brazil. The city had its beginning as a planned city, following a regular
urban model. Currently, however, the expansion of the city has been
occupied so little committed with its consequences, in terms not only of
damage to the flora and fauna as well as to the physical environment
(coastal dunes and coastal ecosystems) and hydrological system (underground
water and ponds).
Although far from the central districts of Aracaju and no continuity with
the consolidated urban fabric of the city, Zone Expansion is the largest
space for future development of much of the urban functions of this
capital. The city currently lives its transformation process conducted by a
real estate dynamics driven by its rapid population growth, a consequence
of your current situation.
The human occupation on the natural environments for urban areas must be
strictly preceded by environmental impact studies and in this context the
photo-geological studies and field surveys of the conditions of
''environmental vulnerability'' are part of the surveys required to perform
an adequate assessment of the conditions of environmental ''sustainability''
of the area to be urbanized.
The situation of the urban expansion of the city of Aracaju requires higher
speed in decisions regarding the preservation of the environment,
therefore, seek recovery of already degraded environments and prevent
further destruction where, ecosystems can be preserved. In developing
studies will be presented suggestions aiming at the preservation of coastal
ecosystems, as well as the maintenance of the hydrological balance of the
area, integrating the buildings and access roads to the physical
environment and its geo-biodiversidade.
sustainable urbanism environment
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