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Short Outline
The experience described here is that of a site that was included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage; it describes the Historic, Geographic, Social and Cultural Characteristics of Xochimilco; the Social and Political Situation; the Operational Administrative Structure; Preservation, Management and Construction of the Habitat and Cultural Landscape. All this to support the idea that we sought to establish a new alliance based on the mutual trust between the population and its government by assuming an attitude of respect and honesty that would identify us with the people we served as Local Government for three years.
In 1997 there was registered in the State Capital of Mexico (the Federal District) a cultural and political drastic change and for the first time in the Capital’s History their inhabitants were allowed to vote by the candidate of their choice to govern them. This event create a huge political and economic new situation in the whole country but especially promote a different expectative for the City’s management. For the first time too the Political Delegations in which the Federal District (DF) is divided, were nominated, not by the President of Mexico, but by the new elected Governor, in charge of the DF and this Delegates were elected and approve too by the new Representative’s Assembly. For these reason these new Political Delegates become a sort of mayors.
I had the opportunity in this period, in which I was nominated for the charge of Delegate, to manage the political government of Xochimilco, one of the sixteen administrative-political structures, in which, as said before, the DF is divided. Xochimilco, in the southern part of it now with more than 400 000 inhabitants and with 134.58 Sq. Km, is a region where traditions are deeply rooted and is considered by the UNESCO as World Heritage. My experience there, allowed me to observe and learn more about the relationship between the five main topics considered as the strategic factors in the Parallel Session No 1 and how they are incredibly link there, and the local people demand a new way of democratic government and the new comers, at present, almost 50% of the population try not to loose their prerogatives and a corrupt management structure. This may allow me too to state in my paper some conclusions and proposals on a Case Study.
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