- Milestones of Zeytinburnu Municipality through Sustainable Urban Regeneration: From Vision to Action   click here to open paper content177 kb
by    Beygo, Cem & Ozcevik, Ozlem & Turk, Sence & Akcakaya, Imge & Sen, Kubra & Damen, Ton, | ozceviko@itu.edu.tr   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
In Part I the Municipality of Zeytinburnu gives milestones of the urban regeneration office in Culture Valley projects. In Part II PRC (NL) explains the support of the MATRA REGIMA project in roles and task distribution of the urban regeneration project.
As one of the first squatter settlement districts to develop in Turkey over the course of urbanization, the negative effects to Zeytinburnu District is worth studying. This burden, together with the effects of the 1999 Marmara earthquake, has led to a new initiative being started. After this date the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality began a new initiative began the development of the Istanbul Earthquake Master Plan. Within the framework of the Istanbul Earthquake Master Plan the local Zetinburnu Municipality, the Zeytinburnu Urban Regeneration Office, was created. From this point on, the planning process began to develop, focusing on the earthquake threat and the urban regeneration project. The Zeytinburnu Municipal Strategic Plan for 2006 – 2009 took transparency in decision making and implementation, and participatory management and social cooperation in decision making as basic principles. Today in Zeytinburnu has two urban regeneration projects The cultural valley project would be undertaken with a view towards potential earthquake risks, and in cooperation with other organisations and NGOs, and with the support of universities and international experts. An international involvement has been added to the project group by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs Social Transformation Programme MATRA with coordination of PRC Bouwcentrum BV from Netherlands and local coordination of Istanbul Technical University. Besides the physical, economic and legal evaluation aspects of this project, the creation of a win-win strategy, the founding of a cooperative local management plan, the development of capacities, ensuring the participation of the diverse groups affected, and making sure that all this is adequately organized, have been taken as milestones to be handled. Neighbourhood Unit , communication and participation all need to be evaluated in a training programme through this project. In the work taking place in the urban regeneration process, and carried out by the ZEŽAT team, milestones are expected to be set for the entire process of urban regeneration and as such these will be a guide for future projects of this nature.
regeneration office, MATRA-REGIMA
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