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Short Outline
The aim is to the evaluate and develop ideas for the Fener - Balat Project in Istanbul depending on the experience of “Protective Urban Renewal” of the Kreuzberg district of Berlin. 12 basic principles for conservation-driven urban renewal are set out.
Principles of Step by step Protective Urban Renewal: Kreuzberg will tried to be improve for the Case of Fener – Balat (FB) Urban Regeneration Area Fatih Istanbul, Turkey. This Paper will be for discuss to develop CULTURAL IDENTITY of ISTANBUL as a GLOBAL CITY.
The aim; the first evaluation and ideas about how Fener – Balat Project must be taken up, dependent on the experience of “Protective Urban Renewal” that is existed in “Kreuzberg” district which was in the center of Berlin at first but it was stayed aside when the Berlin Wall was destroyed in 1961.
PRINCIPLES, foreseen for Kreuzberg, and experience and problems about these 12 principles will be evaluated. Than, suggestions about Fener – Balat Project Area will be offer in a frame with each principle, problem and experience. This Project Area is very important for Ýstanbul which is a “WORLD HERITAGE CITY” (UNESCO LIST) but this “Title” is in DANGER !
Some of principles of Kreuzberg will be evaluate:
Principle. 1 . Renewal must be guided, dependent on the requirements of people who are living in the region, and planned with them.
Principle. 2 The foundation of urban renewal must be formed by the real agreement between users and precaution appliers.
Experience: The guidance services that are given in the east side of Kreuzberg are not limited with single fact; on the contrary two “district committee” are formed in which, citizens and administration are voting on local projects.

Principle. 3 The situation in the redevelopment region is determined by fear and discontent. The feeling of trust and optimistic look to the future must be formed again. This principle must be dominant in all rent contracts. The damages which are threatening the main part of buildings must be removed by hasty programs in a short time.

All of 12 Principles will evaluate for the CASE of FENER BALAT PROJECT.

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