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by    Wen, Wu Feng | wufengwen@bjut.edu.cn   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
This paper will present an historical précis of Beijing HuTong from its very earliest foundation as a habitable place and space to the present day. I will establish the reasons why a settlement was founded i.e. for trade, for security and other pertinent reasons. The residual built and social remnants of various historical periods will be briefly noted for their importance in the historic development of the city.
HuTong is the city special features of Beijing, is the importance of the city of Beijing to constitute the part.The integration research of the protection in Beijing HuTong, not only develop the construction to rise to the city planning and cities of Beijing City wear very the function of the key, but also affect the existence environment quantity and the whole space structure of cities of the residents of Beijing.This text passes research and studies of integration problem that protects to Beijing HuTong, the purpose provides the reference for the protection method of Beijing HuTong, at the same time, providing the basis for the city planning of Beijing.
This text the investigation that expect before pass, the formation of the understanding Beijing HuTong and the history and background of the development, comprehensive analysis existent problem in the process of to Beijing HuTong protect of integrate, elaborated protective method in Beijing HuTong to the city space structure of Beijing City, exist the influence of the environment, the history cultural inheritance, thus put forward the research method of the integration of protection of Beijing HuTong.

Beijing HuTong Protection Integration
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