, Mexican National DelegationPre-Congress Seminar, Mexico 2002
no file
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143 kb
Khairnar, Amruta & Pratishthan, Vidya Planning for balanced Industrial development in Maharashtra state, India : Cluster development approach
890 kb
Liu, Tao & Zhang, Hui & An Liu, Zhi Mobilizing Social Capital in low developed rural China: a case study in a village
260 kb
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60 kb
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510 kb
Abou EL-Ela, ManalCultural Globalization and Changes in the Urban Form of Metropolis Cities
343 kb
Abou el-ela, Manal & Soliman, Mohamed & Amin, Mohamed Urban Waterfronts between cultural and physical Influences
224 kb
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36 kb
ADANU, SELASEApplication of new spatail planning model to Accra City in Ghana.
129 kb
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650 kb
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705 kb
Adeel, MuhammadSpatial Expansion in Islamabad’s Rural Area: Patterns & Causes
269 kb
Adonis Barbieri, RodrigoFrom global to local: City Marketing and the Plan Erechim100
1022 kb
345 kb
Ahmad, Ijaz & Bajwa, Ihsan UllahRegional Development Planning - Issues and Realities
45 kb
Ahmad, IjazGrowing Needs of Planners in Pakistan: A Case Study of Punjab Province
256 kb
Ahmad, SohailDemand for Owner, Renter and Squatter Housing in Urban Bangladesh
7 kb
Ahmad, Sohail & Sridharan, N. & Kono, NorikoHousing Supply System in Unauthorized Settlements in Delhi: Process and Outcomes
576 kb
Ahmad, Ijaz & Sharif, Burhan Role of Government Agencies in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage: A case study of Lahore, Pakistan
1100 kb
Aichinger, WolfgangMixed-use for a liveable tomorrow
879 kb
Ainstein, LuisA systemic Approach to Sprawl: intervening factors, existing relationships, emerging consequences and required public policies
98 kb
Ainstein, LuisInstitutional Organization of Large Agglomerates
125 kb
Akbulut, Mehmet Rifat & Baţlik, SeherGrowth in the Fast Lane: Land Values and Urban Growth of Istanbul
445 kb
Albers, Gerd & Bernard, Uli & Didier Vancutsem, Stefan Reiss-SchmidtAn example from the Munich Region: Expansion + Densification = shrinking space?
no file
Albers, Gerd & Isocarp members Munich, Working groupMunich: Making Special Events promote Urban Development -- On Risks an Opportunities of Big Events for the Infrastructure , the Image and the Settlement Patterns of a City
376 kb
Alberto, Varela García & Adela, Oyonarte Castro & Gonzalo, Martínez CrespoVulnerable urban Area in Galicia (Spain)
308 kb
Aldape, GuadalupeInnovative Tools for encouraging Tourism sustainable Development in Mexico: Litibu, State of Nayarit, Mexico
402 kb
Alexandropoulou, AimiliaLocal Agenda 21 as a Strategic Intervention in Illegal Settlements: The Case of Holiday Homes in Greece
80 kb
Almi, Saďd Trialogue and Regularization: reappraisal of an abortive experience
21 kb
Al-Said, FahadFormation and transformation of the Saudi contemporary neighbourhood: The case of Al-Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia
477 kb
Altinok, Emrah & Cengiz, HüseyinThe Effects of urban Sprawl on spatial Fragmentation and social Segregation in Istanbul
915 kb
Altýnörs Çýrak, Aysegül & Yörür, NerimanThe strategic Importance of Studies with numerous Actors within the Frame of designating the Future of historical Centers: Ýzmir City Kemeraltý Bazaar Case
434 kb
Alvarez, Ana MariaBOGOTÁ REGION - Planning theories vs. Urban practices
2184 kb
Alves, Rui Manuel Amaro L´Organisation intercommunale au Portugal: Instrument de Gestion de Structures urbaines polycentriques
141 kb
Alwehab, AbdelwehabUtilization Analysis of Baghdad City Urban Waterfront
1363 kb
Amin, KhairyUrban Quality and Designing of Spaces
951 kb
Aminossehe, SherinUrban planning needs in european growth regions
554 kb
Angelidis, MinasOlympic Games 2004 in Athens and Sustainable Development of Maroussi
464 kb
ANNALISA Giampino, GIAMPINOState of the Art of City Marketing in European Cities
1737 kb
Antonov, Alexander Participation Planning in Russia – in the Beginning
179 kb
Aón, Laura & Alvarez, Andrea & Ravella, Olga &, Moro, SilvinaEnviromental Potentialities of urbanized Soil in Stages of Densification of central Areas: the case of La Plata old city center
682 kb
Appenzeller, Markus & Probst, Martin Let’s Get Started -‘Kickstarter‘
583 kb
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498 kb
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136 kb
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32 kb
Arslanli, Kerem Yavuz Istanbul's Changing Skyline: The Effects of Landmark Project
497 kb
Arthur, Martha Jillyan The green economy: a strategic approach to sustainable urban development in Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS).
460 kb
Aubert, BernardThe French Law of Solidarity and of urban Renewal, the Concept of Trialogue
780 kb
Aubert, BernardThe Challenge of Growing the City within its Limits
1000 kb
Aubert, BernardPlanning Rules for Sustainable and Fairer Cities
81 kb
Ayangbile, Oluwabukola & Abiodun, O.Cultural heritage planning and preservation in Yoruba Cities Case study of Ile Ife, Nigeria
715 kb
Aysu, Gözdem & Tüzün, GülPopular Culture, Mass Media and spatial Perceptions
80 kb
Babarinde, Jacob & Adesanya, AdesojiInterventions in Urban Management: Lessons for selected case studies
1053 kb
Bach, Joanna & null, null & null, null''People know what they do; they frequently know why they do what they do; but what they don't know is what what they do does'' (Foucault)
45 kb
Bacharyar, Wassey & Ahad Wahid , Abdul For a Trialogue - Monologue of the excluded Populations of Kabul City
50 kb
Bagautdinova, Nailya & Gafurov, IlshatDynamic Regional Development of Russian Federation by Socio-Cultural Projects Implementation. Example of the Republic of Tatarstan
846 kb
Bahreldin, Ibrahim & Ariga, TakashiCommunity Participation and Urban Development: Evaluation of community participation practice in the Sudanese capital region
450 kb
Bajic-Brkovic, MilicaReassessing Opportunities and Resources: Serbia’s Response to Energy Production and Climate Change at the Local Level
746 kb
Baldwin, Claudia & Osborne, CarolinePlanning for Age-Friendly Neighbourhoods
705 kb
Baldwin, Claudia & Rosier, Johanna & Slade, ChristineExpanding Experiential Learning in Australian Planning Schools
343 kb
Ballong, KouténaCultural Heritage and Urban Dynamic: The Role that Plays Lomé as City in the Protection, Visibility and Profitability of the Cultural Heritage
566 kb
Bandyopadhyay, PiyaliSustainable Tourism Plan for Agra City – An Attempt to Tackle the Pulsar Effect of Taj Festival
24 kb
Bandyopadhyay, Papiya & null, null & null, nullApplication of Information Technology and Impact of Cyber Eco Cities in New Millennium
29 kb
Bannaga, Sharaf Eldin IbrahimKhartoum Experience in Implementing Land Management Reforms for Fair Allocation of Land and Development Control
9 kb
Baptista e Silva, Jorge & Serdoura, Francisco & Pinto, PedroUrban Rivers as Factors of urban (Dis)Integration
1206 kb
Baral, HariNew Methodologies in Visioning & Dimensioning today’s urban Development Projects
51 kb
Bardhan, Ronita & Kurisu-Hasegawa, Kiyo & Hanaki, KeisukeLinking Urban Form and Quality of Life in Kolkata, India
1489 kb
Baroncea, Justin & Popescu, Carmen & null, nullThe Place: from FORM to inFORMation
64 kb
Barreiro, Eneritz & Perea, Eugenio & Romero, AnderSustainable urban planning in Toledo: A case study through a holistic energy approach
1007 kb
Bartorila, Miguel Angel & Codinachs, MarciŕProjets urbains et espaces naturels dans la région delta du Ebre, Espagne.
1140 kb
Bas Butuner, FundaWaterfront Revitalization as a challenging urban Issue in Ýstanbul
1101 kb
Bass Specktor, Shiri & Rofe, Yodan & Tal, AlonCities for climate protection initiative in Israel- assessing the impact of urban, economic, and socio-political factors on applicability of the program
160 kb
Basson, MaritaWhat do planners do? Define Your Discipline to drive undergraduate curriculum renewal
538 kb
Baycan-Levent, Tuzin & van Leeuwen, Eveline & Nijkamp, Caroline Rodenburg, PeterThis is a Complement Study to the EU Project 'Development of Urban Green Spaces to Improve the Quality of Life in Cities and Urban Regions' (URGE). The Authors are the Partners of the URGE Project
28 kb
Baycan-Levent, TüzinGlobalization and Development Strategies for Istanbul: Regional Policies and Great Urban Transformation Projects
295 kb
Bazan-Lopes, María“Transformations in Port-Cities in Times of Globalisation/Regionalisation Process:
251 kb
Beard, Tracey & Claire, AmandaSustainable Cities: The Case of Greater Port of Spain
453 kb
Bedward, Tanya The Marginalization of Physical Planning in Jamaica (inclusive of sub-regional case study)
512 kb
Beese, Thomas F. E. Creative Economy demands the Authentic City
435 kb
Beltran Uran, Haydee & null, null & null, nullThe Ades, Asesorias del Estado Case
54 kb
Belyaev, ValeryPlanning the Development of Underground Space
791 kb
Ben-Akiva, Moshe & Pereira, Francisco & Zegras, Christopher &, de Almeida Ana Maria et.al.A framework for integrated modelling of urban systems
275 kb
Beriatos, Elias & Papageorgiou, MarilenaEnvironmental planning for low carbon cities: the Greek case
117 kb
Beriatos, EliasProtected Areas as Spaces for Creative (Tourism) Development:
163 kb
Beriatos, Elias & Papageorgiou, MarilenaTowards Sustainable Urbanization and Planning in the Coastal Zone of the Mediterranean Basin
1628 kb
Beriatos, EliasAthens: The Transformation of a Mediterranean Metropolis. Problems and Perspectives after the Olympics 2004
402 kb
Beriatos, EliasUncontrolled Urbanization, Tourism Development and Landscape Transformation in Greece
1189 kb
Beriatos, Elias & null, null & null, nullPlanning for Mountainous and Island Regions in the Information Age (The Case of Greek Highlands and Islands)
23 kb
Beriatos, EliasGoverning and Managing Metropolitan Areas :The Case of Athens
66 kb
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64 kb
Beriatos, EliasUrbanization, Urban Development and Built Heritage. The case of Greece
357 kb
Beriatos, Elias & Papageorgiou, M. & Ch. Nikolakopoulou, J. LainasTowards a Sustainable Management of Cultural Heritage in Greek Cities and Regions. The role of spatial planning
431 kb
Besio, MariolinaVisioning Scenarios for the ’Urban Eco-Region Project’
285 kb
Beyazit, Eda & Tosun, YaseminThe Process in Istanbul Towards European Capital of Culture 2010
190 kb
Beyazit, EdaThe Trilogy of Power, Politics and Planning
800 kb
Beygo, Cem & Ozcevik, Ozlem & Turk, Sence & Akcakaya, Imge & Sen, Kubra & Damen, Ton, Milestones of Zeytinburnu Municipality through Sustainable Urban Regeneration: From Vision to Action
177 kb
Bhati, Lalit Kishor‘The Inner Dimension of Globalisation & Potential Role of a City’: Auroville - The City the Earth Needs – an evolving global city
637 kb
Bigdeli, ElaheDecreasing Crimes by using Environmental Design (Case Study of Zargandeh Neighborhood)
1115 kb
Billig, Miriam Effects of Drastic Changes in Living Environment: A Displaced Community
477 kb
Billig, MiriamEffects of Drastic Changes in Living Environment: A Displaced Community
477 kb
Blanco, María Beatriz & Vicario, Juan JoséThe Way towards the Expression of the own Identity
340 kb
Bobbio, RobertoThe “Respect Ribbon” of Prŕ (Genova, Italy). Neighbourhood actions from the defence of local interests to the strategic urban project
729 kb
Bobbio, Roberto & Bisio, LidiaThe Pulsar effect in Genoa: 1992’s World Exposition, 2001’s G8 meeting, 2004’s European Capital City of Culture
86 kb
Bobbio, Roberto & Diano, DonatellaSmart Tracks. A strategy for sustainable mobility in Naples
1232 kb
Bobbio, RobertoRe-shaping the Waterfront for a new Economy in Genoa
208 kb
Bogdanovic, Ruzica & Maksimovic, MilicaToward a New Reading of Urban Pattern Networks
633 kb
Bogunovich, DushkoAuckland Waterfront: From a local political Compromise to the global environmental Agenda
51 kb
Bomas, Bart & de Vries, WalterReinventing Holland - A call for region based knowledge development
242 kb
Bonnefoy, Edmond & Hildebrand, BeataTrialogue and Regional Scale
281 kb
Borja, Bij2West Masterplan: A New Paradigm in Urban Planning
814 kb
Bornstein, LisaConfrontation, Collaboration and Community Benefits: Lessons from Canadian and U.S. cities on working together around strategic projects
309 kb
Bos, Ron & Lee, Sandra Meng YingAccessibility based Planning in the Netherlands: Better, Faster, Together
709 kb
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43 kb
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245 kb
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520 kb
Bradbury, MatthewThe sustainable urban territory, towards an environmental urbanism
83 kb
Bragos, Oscar & Mateos, Alicia & Pontoni, SilvinaNew Spatial and Social Segregation Processes in the Periphery of Rosario (Argentina)
84 kb
Bragos, Oscar & Mateos, Alicia & Pontoni, SilvinaEconomic Integration and urban Policies in Rosario Metropolitan Area
326 kb
Bragos, OscarBuilding Public Spaces in Rosario (ARG) with Land Value Capture Instruments
1558 kb
Bragos, Oscar & Gamba, F.Urban Policies, City Management and fast urban Growth in Argentine Cities
324 kb
Brandao Alves, Fernando & Conceicao, Paulo & Granadeiro Cortesao, Joao &, Pinho, PauloThe new Azores Regional Plan as a Tool to regulate the Sprawled Growth in the insular Portuguese Territory
1641 kb
Brandăo Alves, FernandoHow geographical differences conditioning city competitiveness in the north (region) of Portugal
52 kb
Brandeis, AmosRiver Waterfronts - Urban Celebrations -
Brito Henriques, Eduardo & André, Isabel & Fróis, VirgíniaEngendering a creative milieu: the case of Montemor (Alentejo)
145 kb
Brkovic, Matija & Sretovic, VisnjaUrban Sensing – Smart Solutions for Monitoring Environmental Quality: Case Studies from Serbia
735 kb
Brkovic, Matija & Sretovic, Visnja & Cvetinovic, MarijaGreen Energy to Support Liveability: A Case Study of Energy Shift to the Small Hydro-Systems in Serbia
1427 kb
Brkovic, Matija & Sretovic Brkovic, Višnja Harnessing Social Media for Urban Planning: An Overview
576 kb
Brown, DavidPlanning in Real-Time
208 kb
Brown, David F.Creative Neighborhoods
366 kb
Brown, David & Bornstein, LisaWhither Managua? Evolution of a City’s Morphology
778 kb
Bruno Marques, Bruno & Fernando Brandăo Alves, Fernando “The Real Estate Development of EURO 2004 in Oporto – Beneficial Urban Impacts or Post-Event Trauma?”
229 kb
Buckers, Dorien & null, null & null, nullIT-city Groningen. How the arrival of a digital supercable could turn a ''peripheral provincial'' city into one of the 35 most important telecom cities in the world.
47 kb
Bugromenko, VladimirThe transport skeleton as a part of spatial planning of Tatarstan Republic
174 kb
Buitrago-Franco, Isabel & Chatterji, TathagataPlanning for mining regions: building local government’s capacity in a multi-stakeholder collaboration scenario
292 kb
Burcher, Lise Urban Character and Viewscape Assessment Study: Community Visioning Prototype as the Basis for Land Use Regulation
135 kb
Burcher, LiseWho’s Your (Civic) Space?: Spatial audits, behavioural analysis participatory action research (PAR), and spatial activation strategies as methods to understand civic spaces and to form the basis for design interventions and programming strategies
459 kb
Burton, PaulStill climbing the stairway to heaven: public participation in planning
115 kb
Buthelezi, Sibusiso The Pulse Phenomenon in South Africa:
130 kb
Butragueno, BelenNew Networks for the old Paradise
621 kb
Büyükcyvelek, Ahmet Burak & Senyel, Müzeyyen AnýlTracing regional Differences on urban Space: the case of Ankara
757 kb
Byrnes, Terence Spread City - Learning to Live With It
153 kb
Byrnes, Terence P.Lost in Translation - The Voice of the Community in our Changing Urban Future
61 kb
Cagatay, AslýPulsar Effect of Tourism in Cappadocia, Turkey
71 kb
Calavita, NicoOrigins and Characteristics of Inclusionary Housing in the US and Europe
122 kb
Campbell, Maria & Mshumpela, AndileThe Peoples Housing Process: a case of the Amathole District Municipality
600 kb
Çamur, Küpra CihangirDoes the new Millennium mean new Hopes for Housing the urban Poor? Does strategic Planning ensure pro-poor Housing Strategies in Developing Countries? Case of Turkey
238 kb
Cańas López, Jorge Eduardo & del Socorro Pérez Rincón Fernández, María SStrategies and new spaces for social action: Construction projects with the use of dynamic interfaces
337 kb
Cancela, JorgeUrban agriculture in the city planning process
221 kb
Candy, JanetPlanning Learning Cities: Addressing Globalisation Locally
46 kb
Caria, Fernando & Serdoura, Francisco & Ferreira, VictorRecent Interventions in the Collective Space of Lisbon: Spatial Configuration and Human Activities in a Lisbon Central Area
503 kb
Caroniti, Vincenzo & Anilir, SerkanAn Infra-Free approach to improve the energy and resource management for illegal buildings settlements
431 kb
Carrington, NironCommunity Engagement in Trinidad and Tobago: Theory or Practice. Case Study of Neighbourhood Upgrading Programme, Waterhole, Cocorite.
280 kb
Carter, AmalieUrban Management Systems in a Twin Island Developing State
36 kb
Carvalho, Maria & Domingues, Nuno & Sebastiăo, Afonso, Lucas, Jorge Leading Lisbon against carbon emissions
666 kb
29 kb
Castello, Iara Regina & Castello, LineuCompacting Porto Alegre: The new ‘City Gates’ Project
1344 kb
CASTELLO, LINEU & CASTELLO, IARA REGINAThe regional Rootedness of places: You can plan with that
873 kb
Castro, PamelaEconomic Revival of Mexican Public Housing Estates through Urban Design
64 kb
Cedillo, FabiolaTlacotalpan: The Potential of a Small World Heritage City in Mexico in Coping with its Regional Economic Decline, Population Loss, Slow-motion Environmental Change and Natural Disasters
287 kb
Çelikhan, Seniha & Eryýlmaz, Semiha Sultan Local / Regional Integration and Cultural Heritage
272 kb
Cengiz, Hüseyin & Eryýlmaz, Semiha Sultan & Eryýlmaz, YaţasýnThe Importance of cultural Tourism in the EU Integration Process
116 kb
Cengiz, Huseyin & Betul Levent, HurremSustainable Neighborhood Regeneration; For a Creative Economy
657 kb
Cerere, NjeriBlueprint for Africa: Sustainable Planning and Development through Regional Upgrading
183 kb
Cerere, Njeri Efficient Urbanisation: Leveraging the City for Sustainability
231 kb
Chabbi, MorchedPotentialités et obstacles ŕ la constitution d'une région urbaine : Le Cas du Grand Tunis
271 kb
Chakrabarty, AntarinThe One Foot Model…and a Giant Budhha – Exploring the potential of the democratic decentralisation of the urban planning process in Kolkata, India.
47 kb
Chakravarty, Surajit & Meera Mansoori, Meera & Meera Shehadeh, MeeraWhat’s Arabic for ‘Charette’? Public Participation in the Baniyas neighborhood of Abu Dhabi
1389 kb
Chan, Xiang Ying EstelleTransforming No-Go Zones in Singapore: Urban Liveability in an Industrial Park on a Landfill
1455 kb
Chang, Jiang & Feng, ShanshanRedevelopment of Industrial Wasteland based on the Renewal of Mining Cities: A case study of Xiaqiao industrial wasteland
1044 kb
Chang, Hsueh-Sheng & Chen, Tzu-Ling Based on mitigation and adaptation viewpoint in water sensitive city- A case study in serious land subsidence area in Yunlin, Taiwan
2045 kb
Chaolin, GUTowards a Sustainable Development Planning: China`s Urban Planning System in Transition since 1980
1811 kb
Chatterji, Thagatha Participatory planning in the era of public-private-partnerships: complexities and contradictions in a migrant city in India
217 kb
Chavez de Ortega, EstefaniaCitizen Participation as a Means to control accelerated urban Sprawl
481 kb
Chavez de Ortega, EstefaníaThe link of Strategic Factors: management in Xochimilco
537 kb
Chavez de Ortega, EstefaniaA new Approach for Better Goals in City Planning Mainly for Sustainable Cites in the Developing World
151 kb
Chávez de Ortega, EstefaníaFacing globalization in local cultures. Relaying on educational and cultural projects
644 kb
Chávez de Ortega, EstefaníaChanging Roles on Planning and City Management Professions
330 kb
CHEN, Yulin & JIANG, YangShan-Shui-City: A Chinese spatial planning tradition and its implications on urban sustainability
1299 kb
Chen, YulinSelection, Integration and Adaptation: Legacy of Traditional Regional Design in Capital Region, China
93 kb
Chen, Xiaojian & Li, X & Ding, NThe Models of Urbanization and Their Impacts on Spatial Evolution of Built-up Areas——Case Studies of Cities in Shaanxi in Northwest China
502 kb
Cheng, Shang & Xia, NankaiVillage Community: A Planning Practice of Local-urbanization in Countryside Areas in Southwestern China
606 kb
Chengcheng, LiuThoughts over Sustainable Urban Rgeneration on the Urban Fringe in Transformation
2637 kb
Chernova, ElenaUrban Planning Conflictology R&D in Russia
94 kb
Chohan, Arif Yasin & Ki, Pang WaiHeritage Conservation a tool for Sustainable Urban Regeneration A Case study of Kaohsiung and Tainan, Taiwan
1050 kb
Chohan, Arif YasinThe Role of the Citizen Community Board (CCB) for Local Development under Punjab Local Government Ordinance 2001, Pakistan
108 kb
Chopra, DivyaTowards Compact Cities: “in-between” zones as resource. Case: Delhi
861 kb
Christeler, Stephane & Sall, OusmaneUrban Growth without Sprawl: six examples in the city and region of Geneva
1431 kb
CHUN, Zhang & BIN, LuA cultural-ecological Approach in the Regeneration of the inner City: The case of Nanluoguxiang in Beijing
1078 kb
Ciccolella, Pablo & Mignaqui, Iliana & Szajnberg, DanielaCreative clusters in Buenos Aires city: film and television studies, fashion and design in “Palermo Hollywood” and “Palermo Soho”
64 kb
Cichoblazinski , Leszek & Wrona, TadeuszThe 6th World Youth Day in Jasna Gora Sanctuary in Czestochowa as an Example of “Big Bang” Event
23 kb
Cilliers, Elizelle Juaneé & de Jong, NicolenePlanning for lively spaces: adding value to old spaces
611 kb
Clavio, BrettCalifornia Free Trade and Globalization - Lessons of Regional Planning for the economy and environment
37 kb
Coccossis, Harry & Beriatos, Elias Peaks and Troughs from Tourism in the Ionian Islands (Greece)
67 kb
Contin, Antonella & Della Rosa, Massimo & Ortiz Castańo, Pedro AFRICA. FROM SHOULD TO COULD New model of planning practice required addressing the increase in migrations. How to integrate informal mechanisms into the urban management of the African culture. (The uncontrolled independence of Peter Pan’s shadow)
1179 kb
Contin, Antonella & Castano Ortiz, Pedro & Della Rosa, MassimoAFRICA. FROM SHOULD TO COULD New model of planning practice required addressing the increase in migrations. How to integrate informal mechanisms into the urban management of the African culture. (The uncontrolled independence of Peter Pan’s shadow)
1179 kb
Conventz , Sven & Thierstein , Alain Airports Reconsidered. An Emerging Knowledge-Economy-Based Space
224 kb
Coppens, Tom Nimby as a self-fulfilling Construct: Local opposition in urban regeneration in Flanders
200 kb
Cornaro, Antonia & null, null & null, nullAirports - Nodes to Modes
62 kb
Cornaro, Antonia & Admiraal, HanChanging World - Major Challenges: the Need for Underground Space Planning
747 kb
Corrado, FedericaTerritorial resources as ''levers'' of local development in a globalized context
49 kb
Corrado, FedericaThe Italian cities as nodes of local and global networks
117 kb
Costa, Lucia Maria S A & Soares, Francirose FOpen spaces and connectivity in landscape design
530 kb
Costa, Lucia & Farah, Ivete & Boucinhas, CaioTrialogue Processes in Landscape Design
477 kb
Costa, Lucia MariaSustainable Network as a Process: From Deteriorated Spaces to Productive Landscapes
270 kb
Costa Lobo, ManuelProblems and Solutions of Environment and Urbanization in the World
122 kb
Costa Lobo, ManuelWorld Sustainability and Peace – The New Nomads
118 kb
Craveiro, Teresa & da Costa-Lobo, ManuelIntegrating the City – A third Solution for Lisbon City Periphery
683 kb
Cvetinovic, Marija & Kucina, Ivan & Bolay, Jean-ClaudeAn engine for bottom-up urban development in action: A case study of Savamala civic district
334 kb
Cvetinovic, MarijaShared Creativity – A Driving Force of Urban Development
437 kb
Çýnar, Candan & Çizmeci, Füsun & Köksal, AlmulaThe New Address of Social Polarization in Ýstanbul: Gated Communities
931 kb
D’hondt, FrankRe-Creating Cities in Kosovo
312 kb
da Costa Lobo, ManuelPermanent and Organic Planning to get urban Cohesion
201 kb
da Costa Lobo, ManuelVisions in Planning
351 kb
Dadashpoor, Hashem & Kesalkheh, SalehAssessment Residential Environment Quality of Traditional and New Neighbourhoods, in Rapid Grown City, Tehran
306 kb
Damayanti, MayaSustaining Participation at local Governance
938 kb
Dangschat, Jens S.Analysis of the spaces for the creative clusters and networks
100 kb
Danijela, Milovanovic & null, null & null, nullCivic Networks : Yugoslav cities
45 kb
Danko, Cristina C. & Lourenco, Julia M.Strategic Planning for equitable Territory Development: the case of sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure in northeast Portugal
1156 kb
Danko, Cristina & Mendes, Selene & Bentes, Isabel &, Ramos, Luis & Lourenco, JuliaWastewater infrastructure costs and urban sprawl: the case of Douro region
348 kb
Datta, RupaTerritorial Integration : An Approach to address Urbanising villages in the Planning for Delhi Metropolitan Area, India
565 kb
Dattomo, NiclaObservation, Description and Tale in the Construction of the urban Plan
45 kb
Dawkins, JeremySpecification for Metropolitan Planning Agency which can Make a big Difference
72 kb
Dawkins, JeremyUrban Planet: Designing critical urbanisation processes to heal the world
131 kb
Dawkins, Jeremy“Fast Forward” Needs a Property Market, Supported by an Independent Planning System
458 kb
de Boer, Sara & null, null & null, nullCultural Identity, Power, and Space
46 kb
De las Rivas Sanz, Juan L. & null, null & null, nullLandscape, future corridors and urban growth: three cases in Castilla y León (Valladolid, Segovia and Zamora)
23 kb
De Leo, Daniela & null, null & null, nullTerritorial components of the Information Society: two different italian case study ''Piazza telematica'' of Scampia and Urban Virtual Center of Turin
50 kb
de Ridder, ElizabethAddressing globalisation through Local Economic Tourism Development: case study in Phalaborwa, South Africa
31 kb
de Souza Tenorio, Gabriela & Germano dos Santos Júnior, ReinaldoBrasilia’s urban mobility plan: review and speculations - an environmental approach
817 kb
De Souza Tenorio, GabrielaThe danger of community engagement as an exclusion tool - four case studies in four different scales in Brasilia, Brazil
622 kb
de Souza Tenorio, Gabriela & Germano dos Santos Júnior, ReinaldoSetor Noroeste, Brasília: Can an elite neighborhood be considered green?
933 kb
Dedekorkut-Howes, Aysin & Mayere-Donehue, SeverineManaging Growth in the Sunshine States: Urbanization and Planning in Queensland and Florida
235 kb
Deffner, Alex & Sayas, John & Panayotatos, ElisabethSocio-Spatial Differentiations and Second Home Settlement Development: The Case of the Evoikos Coastal Area in Greece.
18 kb
del Rio, VicenteBeyond Brasilia - Contemporary Urban Design in Brazil
622 kb
Demirovic, senada postwar reconstruction of open spaces in Mostar
359 kb
Derbile, EmmanuelSocial integration outcomes of university students under urbanization in the Wa Municipality, Ghana.
311 kb
Derbile, EmmanuelSocial integration outcomes of university students under urbanization in the Wa Municipality, Ghana.
311 kb
Dercon, BrunoTwo Years of Settlement Recovery in Aceh and Nias. What should planners have learnt?
125 kb
31 kb
Dezeure, Karolien & Voets, Joris & De Rynck, FilipCollaborative Roles of public Officials in urban planning Processes: an exploration
65 kb
Dia, Amadou Sadio The Fiji Town and County Planning Act case study : how to improve it?
47 kb
Diamantini, CorradoSpatial Planning to Avoid Urban Inequalities: Experiences in emerging small towns of Mozambique
111 kb
Dijkwel, Renske & Krant, Pieter & de Ruiter, TeskeZuoling Eco Valley, Wuhan – A case study on attaining urban liveability through sustainable design at the master plan stage
554 kb
Dimitrijevic, Maja & Grozdanic, MilicaKornetCity - IT model of a business concept that reduces motor vehicle traffic in cities
356 kb
Dincer, Iclal & Enlil, ZeynepSustainable Development and Regeneration of Rural Areas at the Metropolitan Fringe: Sile District Of Istanbul
488 kb
DING, YuanFengshui: the fading Landscape of Chinese Cities and cultural Heritage Sites - Case Study of Wuchang City and Wudang ancient Building Complexes
60 kb
Dinh Quoc, PhuongThe Architecture of Bat Trang, a Pottery Village in Hanoi
712 kb
Discoli, Carlos & Martini, Irene & Barbero, DanteUnsustainability reduction values: a methodology towards a low carbon city
735 kb
Discoli, Carlos & Rosenfeld, Elías & San Juan, GustavoUrban Integration and Disintegration Forces: La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1023 kb
Discoli, Carlos & Rosenfeld, Elías & Martini, IreneUrban Sprawl in the peri-urban Areas of La Plata and its Surroundings: An evaluation of the consequences on the sustainability of urban services
723 kb
DJEGUEMA, Adebayo & YAYA BOCOUM, AdaGlobalisation and metropolisation in Accra/Lagos continuum
1442 kb
Djeguema, AdebayoCrises and Recombining in Housing Practices in Abidjan, towards a new Definition of social Practices and urban Governance
538 kb
Djokic, Jasmina & Graovac, AnaImplosive Sprawl: Belgrade Case Study
576 kb
no file
Dobruna, AidaLow carbon Pristina, mission im(possible)?
671 kb
Dominici Besio, Mariolina & Virgilio, DanieleTowards a creative Development: The case of La Spezia
891 kb
Dong, Fei The Study of Modern City Planning Governance Evolution
136 kb
Downes, Nigel & Storch, Harry & Michael Schmidt, Hendrik RujnerSpatial Indicators for Assessing Climate Risks and Opportunities within the Urban Environment of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
2237 kb
Downes, Nigel & Storch, Harry & Moon, KidukUrban Sustainability in Times of Changing Climate: The Case of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
403 kb
Dubbeling, MartinNL2010 - An Assessment of urban Renewal and sustainable Development in the Netherlands
233 kb
Dubbeling, Martin & Meijer, Michaël Energy Transition and Sustainable Development in the Northern Part of The Netherlands
1402 kb
Dubbeling, Martin & van der Heijde, WouterThe Utrecht Roadmap to a Third Industrial Revolution and how it Works in Reality
1093 kb
Dudarev, Alexey The Digital Model of the Noosphere
398 kb
Duong Quoc, NghiUrbanizing without Sprawl: Vietnam experiences and perspective
424 kb
Dutta, Bikram & Bandyopadhyay, SanhitaDevelopment Verses Displacement: Cornerstone of India’s Economy; Appraisal on Road Development In India
827 kb
Dutta, Bikram Kumar & Bandyopadhyay, SanhitaDevelopment Verses Displacement: Cornerstone of India’s Economy; Appraisal on Road Development In India
827 kb
Duy, Nguyen Hoang DucRedevelopment of Singapore’s Heritage Sites for A New Generation of Sustainable Industrial Parks
2921 kb
Duyar-Kienast, UmutReclaim the Streets!
582 kb
Dziubiński, DariuszFreedom and Control of Contemporary City Planning
1094 kb
Ede, Precious & Owei, Opuenebo & Akarolo, ChimbikoDoes the Greater Port Harcourt Master Plan 2008 Meet Aspirations for Liveable City?
742 kb
Eduardo, Ortiz Jasso''The Peninsula of Yucatan, the Development out of Control, and an Unbalanced Society''
1140 kb
Eisold, TobiasCooperation of spatial planning and state development companies
46 kb
El Gohary, Germin FaroukWild Urban Design: Sustainable Landscape for Street Children
1610 kb
EL HOSSEINY, OmarChallenges facing the Inter-relation of 21st century International Airports and Urban Dynamics in Metropolitan Agglomerations (case study: Cairo International Airport)
507 kb
el Samahy, Rami & Rico-Gutierrez, Luis & Day, JacobA Strategic urban Process: Developing a Tool for Complex Decision-Making
278 kb
El-Bastawisy, Magdy & Helmy, Abd-Al-Whab & Hassan Ali, Rania Integrated socio-economic Development for accelerating the regional Role of Port-Said in Tourism Development of Egypt
368 kb
Elgendy, Hany & Seidemann, Dirk & Wilske, SebastianThe Role of spatial Planning in steering market-driven urban Change of deteriorated urban Areas
1204 kb
Elgendy, Hany & Wilske, Sebastian & Seidemann, DirkNew challenges for city and regional planning: inner development of cities and regions for promoting sustainable development
451 kb
Elgendy, Hany & Engelke, Dirk & Beck, TorstenSpace, Time, Internet and Planning - Internet based instruments for complex planning situations: A case study for Upper Rhine Valley
1 kb
Elgendy, Hany & Seidemann, Dirk & Wilske, SebastianPerspectives for urban Regeneration in European metropolitan Areas: a cross-border study in Germany and Switzerland
1005 kb
Elhoweris, M.Nageeb SuleimanThe Story of the Stunning Success
1656 kb
Elisei, PietroIntegrated Development Plans in Romania: pure formalities or tangible steps towards the design of a new culture of planning?
114 kb
Elisei, Pietro & Pascariu, GabrielEU Approaches to Urban and Territorial Development in Times of Slow Growth: Case Studies from South East Europe
585 kb
Elissen, CatelijneThink Local, Act Local: Promoting sustainable urban planning in Choma, a typical local district in Zambia
133 kb
Ellingson, Julie-May & null, null & null, nullChanging Time and Space Relations within the automotive industry: A case studyof the motor industry in KwaZulu-Natal
60 kb
Elsharkawy, Heba & Rashed, Haitham & Rached, Ihab Climate change: The impact of sea level rise on Egypt
1042 kb
Engelke, Dirk & Beck, TorstenThe economic View on urban Sprawl in decentralised metropolitan Areas and their Hinterland
392 kb
Engelke, Dirk & Jacobi, JuriUrban-Regional Trialogue on Regional Land Use Management
239 kb
Engelke, Dirk & Biehl, E. DorotheaLand Use Management as Key Part of Metropolitan Governance and for Sustainable Urbanisation
247 kb
Erbas, Adem ErdemPort Regeneration and sustainable urban Development, the Case of Galataport and Haydarpasaport Projects in Istanbul after 2000
238 kb
Erdin, EvrenLost Natural Networks of the Cities: Storm Water Drainage Network – Mavisehir Housing District, Izmir/Turkey
2138 kb
Erylmaz, Semiha Sultan & Cengiz, Huseyin & Erylmaz, YasasinThe urban Sprawl Model for an affected Metropolis: Bursa – Istanbul Example
1434 kb
Esch, Thomas & Taubenböck, Hannes & Heldens, WiekeSupporting the Sustainable Development of Cities by Means of Earth Observation Techniques
1986 kb
Espada, Rodolfo Jr & Apan, Armando & McDougall, KevinUsing spatial modelling to develop flood risk and climate adaptation capacity metrics for vulnerability assessments of urban community and critical water supply infrastructure
820 kb
Estevens, Ana & Barroqueiro, Mário & Marques da Costa, EduardaA Sub-Region with peri-urban Characteristics or the Emergence of a sustainable and alternative medium-sized City?
154 kb
Estevens, AnaWaterfront rehabilitation: a model of spatial intervention
83 kb
Fahmy, Wael Salah & null, null & null, nullReading of Post Modern Public Spaces As Layers Of Virtual Images and Real Events
57 kb
Faisal, Abdul MaksoudFuture trends of the urban systems in developing countries in view of a more globalized world
1203 kb
Faishal Ibrahim, Muhammad & Ying Hui, SeePublic Housing Choices in Singapore: Planning Implications
211 kb
FAN, LiCautious urban Redevelopment in Berlin
889 kb
Fang, WeiEmerging Development and Cooperation in the Land Use Planning along Yellow River under New Regionalism
663 kb
Fang, Jia & Wu, Cheng-Zhao & Wall, GeofferyComparison of Urban Residents’ Use and Perceptions of Urban Open Spaces In USA, Canada and China
319 kb
Faria Larrazábal, Carmen & Bracho de M., Diana & Paredes de L., María Two urban Theories in the same City
389 kb
Farkas, AndorInnovative Solutions for E-Mobility and their Potential Impact on Climate Change
894 kb
Farooq, IramThe Use of a Policy Plan instead of Traditional Physical Master Plan to guide Long Term Growth Management in Cambridge, Massachusetts and its Specific Use to address the Impacts of the Internet Boom and its Aftermath.
32 kb
Fathejalali, Arman & Masoudi, MahyarCorridor Plan: An Opportunity to Develop Low Carbon Open Spaces Network. The Case Study of Tehran, Iran
2214 kb
Fattahi, SaraAnalyzing traditional Persian Cities as a Model for the Eco-City
172 kb
Fattahi, Kaveh & Kobayashi, HidetsuguNew Communication Infrastructures promoting new Criteria for compact Cities
191 kb
Fattahi, Sara & Bazrkar, MojtabaFrom Garden City to City in a Garden (Case study: Shiraz city as a ''Permaculture'' model in Iran)
690 kb
Fattahi, SaraEcosystem Resilience System in Silent Crisis. Case Study: Bushehr as a Coastal Area in Iran
642 kb
Featherstone, Jeffrey & Cammarata, Marc & William Devine, Marissa Barletta;Creating a Sustainable City: Philadelphia’s Green City Clean Waters Program
772 kb
Felberg, KnutCultural Implementation Programme - a new tool for cultural planning
942 kb
Feldman, Boris Urban Monitoring of Spatial Development of Moscow State region
423 kb
Fernandes, Manish & Duarte, RuiTerritories and Innovation Systems: Cooperation Strategies between Universities and Companies in Taguspark
191 kb
Fernandes Bhatt, Manish & Guerra, IsabelHousing Strategic Plan 2008-13: The Groundwork for a New Paradigm
228 kb
Fernandez-Maldonado, Ana Maria & Fernandez-Davila, AlbertoMalecon 2000 as a strategic Project for the Regeneration of Guayaquil
300 kb
Fernandez-Maldonado, Ana MariaRecent Housing Policies in Peru: Heading towards more sustainable cities?
775 kb
Fernandez-Maldonado, Ana MariaICT infrastructures as a new challenge for the urban planning profession
177 kb
Fernandez-Maldonado, Ana MariaBarriadas and Elite: Recent trends of urban integration and disintegration in Lima, Peru
636 kb
Fernando, GreeneThe Spatial Effects of the Construction of the Facilities for the Olympic Games in Mexico City in 1968.
912 kb
Ferrer, Mercedes & Franchini, Teresa & Reyes, RamonHybrid metropolitan archipelago (Venezuela)
220 kb
Ferrer, Mercedes & Gomez, Nersa & Reyes, RamonSustainable habitat+full citizenship
232 kb
Fiedorowicz, Kazimierz & Studnicki, Tadeusz & Zagrzejewska - Fiedorowicz, MagdalenaRanking of polish regions in terms of the impact of globalization
383 kb
Fiedorowicz, Kazimierz & Smolarek, MalgorzataA strategic Approach in creating a Vision of City Development
870 kb
Fiedorowicz, Kazimierz & Fiedorowicz, JacekShaping spatial Structure of the new Member Countries of the EU
259 kb
Fiedorowicz, Kazimierz & Zagrzejewska Fiedorowicz, Magdalena & Fiedorowicz, JacekAirport Location Problems for Warsaw Metropolis
196 kb
Fiedorowicz, Kazimierz & Fiedorowicz, Jacek The Influence of a Metropolis on regional Development
517 kb
Fiedorowicz, Jacek & Fiedorowicz, KazimierzUrban Development Concept of a Podlasie Town
442 kb
Fiedorowicz, Jacek & Fiedorowicz, Kazimierz & null, nullThe Housing Estates made of Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete Boards - Revitalization
18 kb
Figueira/Mateus, Joana/Ana & Serdoura, Francisco & Ferreira, VictorNew Approaches to Spatial Planning – Lisbon’s EXPO’98 Project and Social Housing in Oeiras
364 kb
Finogenov, AntonOutlines of New Ideology of Urban Planning in Russia
39 kb
Firmino, Rodrigo & Camargo, AzaelTo plan or not to plan: The socio-technical Shaping of future Cities
60 kb
Fischer, Susanne A Bilingual Cooperative Planning Process on the Swiss-French Border in the Basel Area
587 kb
Fischer, SusanneThe Dreispitz in Basel/ CH: New economy on old sites?
91 kb
Fleischmann, PhilippWaking up the dormitory Town – Visions for Vienna-Atzgersdorf
1676 kb
Fleury, AndréL’agriculture dans la ville, projet urbain ?
142 kb
Floriani, Héctor & Martínez de San Vicente, IsabelGLOBALISATION AND LOCAL DEVELOPMENT. Opportunities for action in mid-size metropolitan areas in developing milieus. A case study in Argentina.
808 kb
Floriani, Hector & Martínez de San Vicente, Isabel & null, nullDIFFERENT FABRICS ''SHRINK'' IN DIFFERENT MANNERS
17 kb
Floriani, Hector & Martínez de San Vicente, Isabel & Tamburrini, María CristinaThe recent story of Rosario as regards innovation
60 kb
Franchini, Teresa & Valverde, FranciscoMadrid Strategic Regional Plan
136 kb
Franchini, Teresa & Arana, JuanA Mega-Blue-Green Network: Madrid River Project
1125 kb
Francis-Brophy, EllieThe Architecture of Community Participation
135 kb
Frediani, Julieta Constanza & Giacobbe, Nora Odila & Ravella, Olga &, Pistola, Juliana Paula Compact City – Sprawl City: two interacting urban forms
291 kb
Freidine, YefimUrban Planning in Conflict Society (How to Plan and Build the Berlin Wall)
259 kb
Friedrich, Sabine , Cornaro, Antonia & Klingele, Monika & Wirz, NicoleHeterogeneous driving Forces in urban restructuring Processes. Two examples - Zurich West and Basel Erlenmatt
586 kb
Fritz, Annika Trincity Millennium Vision
605 kb
Fritz, AnnikaCharlotte Street Market Project
116 kb
Fritz-Haendeler, RenateNetworking - A Plea for the Extended Mind - Future Needs Origin but how much Origin Needs Future?
1890 kb
Fuerstenberg, MartinThe European Cities between Shooting and Shrinking - Towards a Strategy of Inward Urban Growth (Munich Case Study)
22 kb
Fullarton, FionaSurfing the Waves of Change with a Population Cap
294 kb
Furtado, CarlosThe Difficulty to integrate local demanded Investments to the overall strategic Plan for the City: a critic to the “Orcamento Participativo in Porto Alegre”
110 kb
Gabi, SimoneThe Best Practice Model „Networkcity Glattal“ in the Zurich Metropolitan Area, Switzerland
89 kb
Gadet, Jos & van Zanen, KoosShaping the Core City: It’s people that matter
1486 kb
Gajic, Ranka & Dimitrijevic-Markovic, SvetlanaManaging Integration and Disintegration Processes in the Modern Urbanism Settlements - the Case of New Belgrade
1148 kb
Gajic, RankaIntroducing Sustainability in contextual Visioning
880 kb
Gakuba, Alexis & Tsinda, AimeSustainable Hazards Mitigation in Kigali city (Rwanda)
922 kb
Galor, DavidUrban Compacting without Sprawl: The Case of Ramat-Gan
804 kb
Gao, ZheRethinking of the Current Property-Led Regeneration of Urban Villages in China: A Step Away from Liveable Cities
235 kb
Garcia Fontan, CristinaPublic Facilities as Elements of Territorial Cohesion. Case Study University and Hospital Networks in Galicia
2540 kb
Garewal, RameetaRegional low-carbon strategies impact land use planning
320 kb
Garewal, RameetaSocial Polarization & Role of Planning
61 kb
Garewal, RameetaCreative Economy in the Developing World-The Developed & Developing City
213 kb
Garewal, RameetaVisioning for Land Use - A study of public-private Process of Land Development
229 kb
Geeraert, StevenLiving in-between the Folds of the City
444 kb
Geerse, Andries & van Geest, TomParticipatory Local Democracy: The Key to Urban Liveability & Investment in South Africa and the Netherlands
1706 kb
Geertman, Stan & null, null & null, nullPlanning Support by PSS: an inventory
22 kb
Gencel, Ziya & Velibeyoglu, KorayReconsidering the Planning and Design of urban public Spaces in the Information Age: Opportunities and Challenges
142 kb
Gezik, Peter The role of social innovations in a revised urban metabolism concept framed by sustainable development paradigms
73 kb
Ghonimi, Islam & Alzamly, Hassan & Mohamed, Khairy &, Soliman, Mohamed Understanding and Formulating Gated Communities in Greater Cairo New Towns Urban Fabric
525 kb
Giaber, FatmaGlobalization and the Tourist Complex in Tobruk
362 kb
Giaber, Fatma & El-Emara Engineering Bureau, The New City around Benghazi
2412 kb
Giacobbe, Nora & Ravella, Olga & Frediani, JulietaParadoxical cities: Lower carbon emissions might not lead to low carbon cities
515 kb
Giampino, Annalisa & Todaro, VincenzoExperiences of new strategic Projects in Palermo (Italy)
43 kb
Ginsberg, YonaThe Right to the City: The ’Religious’ Beach of Tel-Aviv
775 kb
Giok Ling, OOIPort cities and globalisation
50 kb
Gligorijevic, ZaklinaCan new Developments and City Identity grow in Harmony? Searching for the new and successful public Space Design in Belgrade
628 kb
Gligorijevic, ZaklinaBelgrade Planning in a New Circle of Transition
796 kb
Goedman, Jan & Houtsma, Wim Heiko & Zonneveld, WilDutch spatial Planning: from implicit to explicit sustainable urban development
579 kb
Goedman, Jan C. & van der Burg, ArjenCombining multi-level strategic Planning, Partners and Projects in the Netherlands
344 kb
Goethals, MarleenShared Terms for spatial Quality of strategic Projects
574 kb
Goethals, SebastienThe Influence of Interactions between Urban and Transportation Planning through the Transforming Structures of Chinese Big Cities - How to Integrate Current Decentralized Concentration and Urban Mobility Management?
2281 kb
Goksin, Ayse & Muderrisoglu, Burcu Urban Regeneration: A Comprehensive Strategy for Creating Spaces for Innovative Economies
713 kb
Goledzinowska, AnnaPublic Space in Medium-sized Town – Role in Development Policy
1543 kb
Goledzinowska, AnnaDevelopment policy or palliative therapy? Investing in the quality of public spaces in the distance from large urban centers
699 kb
Golovin, AndreiMaster Plan Perm -
Golubeva, YanaFrom Traditional Soviet Microdistricts towards Lively Neighborhoods
680 kb
Golubeva, YanaEvolutionary Approach towards the Redevelopment of Historical Sites versus Complete Erasure. Case Study: Kadhimiya Historical Centre, Baghdad, Iraq
1106 kb
Golubovic Matic, Darinka & Milosevic, NebojsaInfluence of socio-economic Factors in the Development of Bar Urban Region
589 kb
Golubovic-Matic, Darinka Public participation in management of urban regions: Study case: ”1000 Gaps in NRW, Germany”
1204 kb
Gómez Alvarez, José JavierLow-carbon trends for car-based cities: Urban streams as sustainable systems towards a Green Metropolis in Guadalajara, Mexico: Arroyo Atemajac Central Renewal Project
490 kb
Gomez Piovano, Jimena & Mesa, AlejandroPlanning tool for the transformation to low density cities in more sustainable urban models
580 kb
Goncalves Garcia, Marina & Vasconcellos Garcia, Antonio JorgeSustainable urbanism in coastal environment: an applied project to expanding urbanized zone of Aracaju City, Sergipe, Brazil
1151 kb
Gondo, TendayiLinking Non-Urbanized Areas and Eco-Sustainable Planning: Realities and Challenges from Urban Ethiopia
432 kb
Gong, Yuan & Xiao, Yu & Lu, LiStudy on Emphases and Trend of Tianjin Urban Public Safety Planning from the View of Bohai Rim Megalopolis
1369 kb
González, VerónicaArganda Station Quarter
34 kb
Gonzalez Romero, Daniel & Pérez Bourzac, María TeresaNeoliberal Land Market and urban-territorial Complexity in Puerto Vallarta, México.
154 kb
González Romero, Daniel & Pérez Bourzac, Maria Teresa & Rivera Borrayo, ElizabethWhen Destiny reaches us: Upwards Growth of a City in Conflict
732 kb
Görer Tamer, Nilgün & Erdoğanaras, Fatma & Güzey, ÖzlemSocial, Economic and Physical Effects of Second-Home Development based on foreign Retirement Migration in Turkey: Alanya and Dalyan
247 kb
Gossop, Chris More Sustainable Planning - the UK Experience
176 kb
Gossop, ChrisTowards a More Compact City - The Plan for London
227 kb
Gossop, ChrisCambridge, England - Planning for knowledge-led Growth in a tightly constrained Sub-Region
1262 kb
Gossop, ChrisLondon’s Railway Land – Strategic Visions for the King’s Cross Opportunity Area
224 kb
Gossop, ChrisFrom Garden Cities to New Towns - an Integrative Movement
302 kb
Gotsch, Peter & null, null & null, nullImagine-a-City: The Informational City and the Concept of Cognitive Mapping
163 kb
Govender, Dhanalakshmi (Pravina)Coastal Management - A Case Study from Ilembe District in South Africa
158 kb
Granadeiro Cortesăo, Joăo & Brandăo Alves, Fernando &, Patterson, Joanne & Monteiro, Ana &, Madureira, Helena A method for the bioclimatic intervention in Portugal
1111 kb
Grant, Paula Old neighborhoods showcasing new urbanism principles to promote walking for transport
579 kb
Greene, FernandoPrivatisation of a Western Area of Mexico City, where higher Income Families live
570 kb
Greene, FernandoA New Airport for the Consolidation of the Airport System of Mexico City
669 kb
2382 kb
Greene, FernandoA Different Approach for Spatial Planning of the Tlalpan Delegation in Mexico City
353 kb
Greene, FernandoUrban Renewal of the N-W Area of the Historic Center and the Alameda Corridor of Mexico City.
666 kb
Greene, FernandoMexico City’s fight against air pollutants. A War without end
1024 kb
Greenop, Kelly & Darchen, SebastianBrisbane’s urbanism: looking for an identity. Case study of Inala
400 kb
Grozdanic, MilicaBelgrade - European Metropolis, Transformations through Space and Time
692 kb
Grudinin , Mikhail Multimodal Transportation Hub as City Territory Renovation Project (by the example of Perm Transportation Hub)
187 kb
Guala, AlessandroA Survey on Torino 2006 Winter Olympics: Open Questions and Policy Problems
42 kb
Guala, ChitoSurveys and Mega Events: symbols and social capital in the new image of Turin
38 kb
Guala, Chito AlessandroMonitoring Winter Olympic Games: the case of Torino 2006
33 kb
Guan, YeThe Experience of Brownfield Regeneration in Ronneberg, Germany - A Case Study on Former Uranium Mining Redevelopment
644 kb
Guenther, Felix & Tosoni, Ilaria Code 24 - Towards a Shared Strategy for the European TEN Corridor 24
494 kb
Guet, Jean-francoisFrench planning tools renewal and planning profession structure
37 kb
Gunay, ZeynepSustainability of Historic Environment in Turkey in the Neoliberal Age
347 kb
Gunay, ZeynepNeoliberal Urbanism and Sustainability of cultural Heritage
834 kb
Gunay, ZeynepMind The Fakes! Fast Forward Heritageisation in Large-Scale Thematic Housing Projects of Istanbul
21 kb
Gunay, ZeynepRenewal Agenda in Istanbul: Urbanisation vs. Urbicide
209 kb
Günes, Serkan & Yýlmaz, Gülsen Understanding Graffiti in the built Environment:The case in Ankara, Turkey
311 kb
Güzey, ÖzlemUnderstanding the logic of Gentrification in different Geographies: a comparison of five regeneration projects in Ankara, Turkey
115 kb
Hackenbroich, Wilfried & Sonnabend, ReginaServe city- Interactive Urbanism
25 kb
Hafiane, AbderrahimLes Projets d‘Urbanisme récents en Algérie
900 kb
Haine, KittySchipperskwartier, another Kind of Seduction
874 kb
Halim, DeddyTurning Creative Destruction into Creative Economy
302 kb
Hamamcioglu, Cenk & Yenen, Zekiye & Çekiç, Tuba İnal Disintegration due to Mass Tourism
202 kb
Han, Jing & Kong, LingyuInterrelation Between Micro-Blog Hotspots And Urban Spatial Network: An Empirical Analysis Of Tongji-Rim Intellectual-Economic-Zone, Shanghai, Based On Sina Weibo
1773 kb
HANIOTOU, HeleneNetworks, new technologies and situations
139 kb
Harashina, SachihikoStrategic environmental assessment for planning a low carbon city
710 kb
Hartmann, Wim & null, null & null, null4DCITY
216 kb
Hartshorn, TrumanFrom Edge to Edgeless City: The Transfomation of Metropolitan Atlanta, GA, US
1660 kb
Hassan, NorhaslinaAccommodating the Street Hawkers into Modern Urban Management in Kuala Lumpur
76 kb
HE, YongPlanning for Restrictions to Beijing’s urban built-up Space
912 kb
He, Shan From “Insertion” to “Incorporation”: the Hangzhou Example of the Transformation of the Railway in Chinese Urban Life
745 kb
He, Shuaishuai & Viles, HeatherEmbrace the Future with the Past: ’Canal Heritage’ and the Role it Plays in the Development of its Host City
973 kb
Heirman, Sigrid‘Think globally, act locally’: North and South working together on a sustainable urban development strategy. Experiences from: Citylink Antwerp - Paramaribo
551 kb
Hermant-de Callatay, CorinneHow does European regional development fund contribute to low-carbon cities?
26 kb
Herr, Eva & Frankland, JohnWho owns Britain? Neighbourhood Regeneration through privately managed public Space
1071 kb
Herron, Murray & Jonens, David & Rollo, John South West Victoria 2012 – 2050: Are the Settlements Sustainable?
733 kb
Heylighen, Ann & Devlieger, PatrickIn Dialogue with (dis)-Ability
507 kb
Heyning, Helena Chaja & van der Bruggen, Wilma From top down to bottom up -a somersault?
2042 kb
Heyning, Helena C.M.Greater Great Bay Area, Development Perspective 'Friendly' Island Dutch Sint Marteen
758 kb
333 kb
Heyning, HelenaSmart Growth: Answer to urban Sprawl?
378 kb
Heyning, Helena ChayaDesign for Shrinkage. Generating New Opportunities and Wealth
1195 kb
Heywood, PhilCollaborative Planning: an evolving model of practice
776 kb
Hill, Alexandra & Lindner, ChristianModelling Informal Urban Growth - A contribution to strategic urban development in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
613 kb
Hirschler, Petra & Prosperi, David C.Thinking long-term about the post-carbon society
1158 kb
Hofmann, Victor Hugo & Sánchez , Hessner & Andrade, FermínRedensification vs. Sprawl; The metropolitan Area of the City of Mexico
908 kb
Holanda, Frederico & Ribeiro, Romulo & Medeiros, ValerioBrasilia, Brazil: economic and social Costs of Dispersion
924 kb
Holanda, Frederico & Gomes, Viridiana & Ribeiro, RomuloPlanaltina – A low carbon campus for the University of Brasilia
1305 kb
Hong, Liangping & Hua, XiangGreenway as a New Path for the Exploration of Urban-Rural Coordinate based on a Low-Carbon Model
1007 kb
Houthaeve, RikLight rail providing a design for a healthy and liveable urban public space
1516 kb
Hu, Yidong & Wentong, Zhang Practical Consideration upon China`s Low Carbon-oriented Urban Planning ¨D¨DA case study of Wuhan City
158 kb
HUA, Ying & YANG, XiaodiUniversity Campus as creative Hub critical to the internal Expansion of the City
74 kb
Huan, Huang & Luo, QiaolingEcological rehabilitation of industrial vacant land in the three Gorges Project
195 kb
Huang, Guangya & Lin, GuangyiChongqing, a City Ancient and Young
974 kb
Huang, Huan & Smolders, Bert & Verweij, Jos Cultural Heritage Conservation in historic Wuhan – urban renewal and the creative industry
1346 kb
Huang, Dingxi & Lu, Chuanting & Wang, GuanxianIntegrated management of urban green space - the case in Guangzhou China
1451 kb
Huang, Wei & Wu, JunA duet practice of low carbon city from Holland to China: Comparative research between the City of the Sun, Heerhugowaard in Holland and its counterpart in China: Wuhan Sixin Area
996 kb
Huang, LuxinA Participatory Approach in Neighborhood Planning - A case of regeneration plan in the Nanshi district of Yining City
434 kb
Huang, Luxin & Du, ShuThe Integrated Urban Eco-system and Urban Sustainability
573 kb
Huang, Luxin & Xie, YongqingThe Plan-led Urban Form: A Case Study of Shenzhen
640 kb
Huang, BinImproving the Pedestrian and Bicycle Transport System in Downtown of Beijing
992 kb
Huang, Huan & Min, LeiThe Urban Reconstruction Mode in Chinese Old Urban Zone under the Development of Two-Oriented Society
72 kb
Hulshof, InekeDe Dichterlijke Vrijheid, Poetic Freedom
1265 kb
Hulshof, Ineke & Brouwer, Jan & Jonquiere, PeterDelft Bacinol:New chemistry through creativity,guts and cooperation
255 kb
Huta, Sokol & Mico, Dritan The Key Role of Public Spaces and Mobility in the Process of Urban Regeneration in a Developing Metropolis. Tirana City as a case study
737 kb
Hutzell, Kelly & Rico-Gutierrez, LuisThe Urban Lab
197 kb
Ibrahim, Abdelkhalek & Shaw, DavidCompact city veracity: The fallacy and credibility of mixed use and high density for a low carbon city
273 kb
Imbesi, Giuseppe & La Greca, Paolo & matinico, FrancescoCoping with Unexpected foreseeable Events Guidelines for a Strategic Plan of “Bridge of Messina Region”
61 kb
Imbesi, PaolaQualification Strategies and Visions sharing for the Valorisation of costal Areas: the URBACOST Programme and the Roman Coast Areas
1010 kb
Iqbal Maria, Sajida & Muhammad, Imran Planning of Islamabad and Rawalpindi: What Went Wrong?
555 kb
Iranmanesh, Nasim & Bigdeli, ElaheClimatic design and creating low carbon city by regarding traditional experiences
491 kb
Iranmanesh, nasim & etaati, korousCivic vitality & urban space
162 kb
Iranmanesh, Nasim & Etaati, KourosPedestrianization - a great Necessity in urban Designing to create a sustainable City in developing Countries
89 kb
Iranmanesh, Nasim & Bigdeli, ElaheHyper Dynamic Growth in New Towns of Iran (The Case Study Parand New Townť)
553 kb
Islam, Tolga & Enlil, Zeynep Re-evaluating the Impact of Gentrification on local Residents: The case of Galata, Istanbul
500 kb
Iwona, LudwiczakIntellectual Results of the Pulsar Effect During the Poznan International Fairs
330 kb
Jacobs, WouterProperty Regimes in territorial Competition
75 kb
Jadon, Sanjay & Jadon, RebeccaEnvironmental Imperatives for a Pilgrimage Event – Case Study Orchha, India
353 kb
Jain, A K Pulse and Impulse Impact on the Development
22 kb
Jain, BijendraCommonwealth Games 2010 Village: A green village
1367 kb
Jakaitis, JonasInteraction of Architecture and Society: City individuality under changeable informal effect conditions
749 kb
Jang, Daehee & Shin, Sanghee & Kim, HyunsooEstablishment of a Master Plan for Promoting the Systematic Building-Greening
1734 kb
Jansma, ReinAMFORA Amsterdam
605 kb
Javier, De Mesones & Veronica, GonzálesResearch of mondial junctures to invest a new emergent capital
521 kb
Jenkison, JamesEco-Cities, a sustainable Solution to Urbanisation?
374 kb
Jensen, Rolf H.New state incentives for local planning towards low carbon cities in Norway
79 kb
Jiang, BoyaEcological Strategy of Green Urban Design In Urban Renewal
277 kb
Jing, YuStudy on the Adaptability of Urban Design of the World EXPO
1574 kb
Jing, FengPublic Participation in the Post-Disaster Reconstruction Plan of Beichuan New Town
219 kb
Joardar, SouroDevelopment Mechanism in spatial Integration of Cities
1996 kb
Johnson, CraigTropical Green Cities
2050 kb
Jones, Phil & Lannon, Simon & Rosenthal, HendrickEnergy optimisation modelling for urban scale master planning
531 kb
18 kb
Júlia Maria Brandăo Barbosa Lourenço, JúliaExpo - 98 and Trickling Down Effects in Lisbon
1399 kb
Juloya, DinoThe City as a weak Partner: Atlanta Olympics and Urban Revitalization
501 kb
Juloya, Dino & Hack, Starla & Young, LisaThe Southern California Regional Government and the Search for Alternatives
914 kb
Jung, Wolfgang & Buehler, RalphSustainable Transport in Germany and the US: A comparison of the Washington, DC and Stuttgart Regions
196 kb
Junussova, MadinaThe Conceptual Model of Urban Networks in the Caspian Sea region
368 kb
Junussova, MadinaConceptual Model of Almaty City and Almaty Region joint Development
71 kb
Junussova, MadinaBuilding a Sustainable Network of Settlements on the Caspian Sea Region of Kazakhstan
883 kb
Juvara, MartinaUrban Design Led Zoning Methodology Applied in Damascus
728 kb
Kaczorowska-Fudala, AnnaStruggle for a new economic Agenda in urban Planning in Poland
192 kb
Kafafy, NezarThe Dynamic Influence of Symbolism and Meaning in Urban Design, the Case of Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt
520 kb
Kahramanova, Shahla & Namazov, MusaddinEcological condition of Baku atmosphere and its improvement ways
554 kb
Kammeier, H. DetlefIntegrating Major Short-term Events and Sustainable Urban Development: Towards a Conceptual Framework
77 kb
Kammeier, Hans DetlefGlobal concerns - local responsibilities - global and local benefits: The growing business of world heritage
83 kb
Kammerbauer, Mark Adaptive strategies of urban disaster recovery planning
290 kb
Kamrowska-Zaluska, Dorota & Kaczorowska-Fudala, AnnaRush to become “globally relevant”- culture based development as a significant factor towards sustainable urbanization (Gdansk Case)
855 kb
Kamrowska-Zaluska, Dorota Dominika & Goledzinowska, AnnaTradition in a Context of Hyper Dynamic Multicultural Urban Space
57 kb
Kamweru, KigaraUbiquity as a Tool of Urban Development: Leveraging common knowledge for more humane cities
89 kb
Kapadia, KavasLost in Transition: A case of Delhi.
45 kb
Kapelos, George & Parker, ElyseMeasuring Beauty: Toronto’s Clean & Beautiful City Initiative
993 kb
Kaplan, Hulagu & Tunçer, MehmetMisuse of urban Regeneration Projects as a disintegrative Tool: Two Case Studies from Ankara
249 kb
Karakiewicz, JustynaMetabolism of Low Carbon Cities
65 kb
Karakiewicz, JustynaSocietal Paradigm Shift and Community
330 kb
Karisa, CharlesA Negotiated Framework for Rehabilitation of Riparian Zones in Nairobi City: The Case of Mathare River Valley (Kenya)
1085 kb
Karol Mohan, Anjali & Rajgopal, ChampakaOutsourcing Governance? Revising the Master Plan for the Bangalore Metropolitan Area, Karnataka, India
474 kb
Karvinen, MarkoInnovation and creativity strategies in Helsinki Metropolitan Area – reinvention of regional governance
233 kb
Kashem, Md. Shakil Bin & Hafiz, RoxanaSustainability Appraisal of Development Trends in the Urban Fringe: an MCA approach
842 kb
Kaur, Puneet Society in the Development of a developing Country through Public Private People Partnership (PPPP)
147 kb
Kaur, GuneetUrban Sprawl - an issue of growing concern
803 kb
Kaur, GuneetRevival of Satellite and Ring Cities
302 kb
Kaur, GuneetParticipatory Approach/ Community Involvement in Planning
121 kb
Kaur, GuneetEconomic Exploration of Cities in the Developing World
320 kb
Kaushik, DiwakarEvolution of Industrial Landscape in Singapore
860 kb
Kaya, NursenA Land Development Conflict in Turkey: The role of urban planning in regulating the process
340 kb
Kaya, Nursen & Mengi, OnurHow Sensitive We Build to Climate? Design for Comfortable Urban Environment
1482 kb
Kayasu, SerapInstitutional Implications of regional Development Agencies in Turkey: An Evaluation of the integrative Forces of legal and institutional Frameworks
111 kb
Kazungu, Raphael & Wanjiru, Philomena & Gitau, JudyApplication of G.I.S in Identification, Documentation & Monitoring Brownfield Land
80 kb
Kazungu, Raphael & Gitau, Judy & Gichuru, P.Planning Challenge of Karen and Ongata Rongai Peripheral Locations
76 kb
Kedogo , Joseph & Sandholz, Simone & Hamhaber, JohannesGood Urban Governance, Actors’ Relations and Paradigms: Lessons from Nairobi, Kenya and Recife, Brazil
757 kb
Keignaert, KoenraadUrban Planning for creative Agency: The theoretical Case of Antwerp
66 kb
Kerr, TamsinPan Place, Coyote Space, and Bunyip Country: the role of the ecological imagination in the creative city
76 kb
Key, Nuin-TaraNeighborhood Governance in Portland, Oregon: An Analysis of Public Involvement in Urban Planning
120 kb
Khairy, Amin & null, null & null, nullThe house of Almadina Almonawara in Saudia arabia
15 kb
Khamaisi, Rassem Sustainable Planning in a non-Sustainable Situation: The Case of Jerusalem
1366 kb
Khamaisi, RassemThe Separation Wall around Jerusalem/al Quds: Truncating the right to the City of the Palestinians
202 kb
Khamaisi, RassemPlanning and developing a new Palestinian urban Core under conditional Israeli Occupation: the case of Ramallah City
436 kb
Khosrow, MovahedPromoting Tourism Industry as a suitable Way for the Development of Shiraz City
108 kb
Kim, Minsun & Kidokoro, Tetsuo & Onishi, TakashiPeri-Urbanization and Its Impacts on Rural Livelihoods in Mumbai’s Urban Fringe
987 kb
Kimani, Mary & Musungu, TitusReforming and Restructuring the Planning and Building Laws and Regulations in Kenya for Sustainable Development
86 kb
Kirmanto, Djoko & Ernawi, Imam S. & Djakapermana, Ruchyat DeniIndonesia Green City Development Program: An Urban Reform
936 kb
Kittang, DagCan urban form affect the way of travelling?
1455 kb
Klinmalai, Siwaporn & Kanki, KiyokoNeighborhood relationship measurement between newcomer and former inhabitants in sprawl areas of Bangkok Metropolitan Region: the case of Nonthaburi and Pathumthani province, Thailand
744 kb
Komollo, FawcettRegularizing Informal Sector ‘Jua Kali’ Activities in Nairobi for Sustainable Development
479 kb
Komollo, FawcettUrbanisation in Isolation: Suicide for Sustainability?
1505 kb
Kompil, Mert & Çelik, H. MuratAnalyzing the Retail Structure Change of Izmir-Turkey: Integrative and Disintegrative Aspects of Large-Scale Retail Developments
770 kb
Konde Kazungu, Raphael & Njiki Wahome, SarahImproving Governance for Sustainable Waste Management in Nairobi
115 kb
Koroneos, Christopher & Nanaki, Evanthia & Xydis, George Solar air-conditioning systems impact on the built environment - A thermodynamic approach
289 kb
Kostka, Anna & null, null & null, nullImpact of “our time” symbols - globalization and IT technology - for city space. (How do city is changing in the time of globalization and IT technology)
36 kb
Koutrolikou, Panayota - PennyManaging Diversity and developing common ground: The role of urban regeneration initiatives - The case of Hackney, London
344 kb
Kowalewska, AgnieszkaSustainable Urban Green Network Concept for the City of Gdynia, Poland
1319 kb
Krasheninnikov , AlexeyModules of Professional Competience in Spatial Planning and Design
915 kb
Kribbe, Willeke & null, null & null, nullAn evaluationmethod based on consumer behaviour concerning commuting distance and job competition
30 kb
Krishnamurthy, SukanyaSpace and Narratives: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Reading Socio- Spatial Interplays in Rapidly Urbanizing Environments
2508 kb
Krivov, Alexander Integrated Design of Agglomerations: Strategy - Scheme of Territorial Planning - Investment Program
114 kb
Kropman, Niels J.Climate change not a threat but an opportunity
374 kb
Kropman, Niels J.Future Urban Settlement and its implementation in Africa
709 kb
Kublacovs, Andis & Pavils, GatisFacilitation of sustainable urban structure through adequate transport system planning – Example of Riga Northern transport corridor
1783 kb
Kublacovs, AndisUrban Regeneration and Strengthening of local Neighbourhoods – the Way of Riga
1174 kb
Kudryavtsev, Fedor & null, null & null, nullUrban «infosphere» phenomena as a factor of a land-use patterns development.
12 kb
Kudryavtsev, FedorCity-scale private “Megaprojects”: real estate manipulations or way to planned development
762 kb
Kühn, ManfredVisions or Projects: urban regeneration strategies in Cottbus and Görlitz (Eastern Germany)
94 kb
Kulshrestha, Satish KumarVrindavan Eco-City in Making: Working together for sustainable urban management
45 kb
40 kb
Kurbatova, AnnaMarketing Strategies of Territorial Development as the Basis of Effective Territorial Planning
948 kb
Kürkcüoglu, I. Eren & Deviren, Aliye SenemSustainable Urban Design Strategies for Island Settlements: The Case of Burgazada (Princes’ Islands, Istanbul)
1745 kb
Kurtarir, Erhan & Secilmisler, Tore & Ozugul, DorukSpatial and cultural Impact Assessment of Symbol Replacement in Istanbul
714 kb
Kurtarir, Erhan & Cengiz, HüseyinWhat are the dynamics of creative economy in Istanbul?
226 kb
Kusumo, CameliaLiving, working and shopping in Delft Central Station
667 kb
Kýlýç, Ali & Akýn, Oya & Yerliyurt, BoraCulture Coming through Water and City/Inhabitant that does not live this Culture
132 kb
La Greca, Paolo & Martinico, Francesco & Occhipinti, SaraA long and winding Road towards Integration
1430 kb
Lalovic, Ksenija & Milovanovic Rodic, Danijela & Nenadovic, Aleksandra Virtual Social Networks as a Booster for Reaching Liveable Villages: Examining Serbian Cases
1854 kb
Lameiras, José António & Dinis Machado, JoséSustainable Development Policies in an Environment of Demographic Loss
1388 kb
Landeiro, Clara & Morais de Sá, Ana & Trigueiros, TiagoIncreasing Integration in Cities by tweaking institutional Arrangements
235 kb
Langley, Joe New Funding Options for Urban Regeneration
450 kb
Lategan, Louis & Cilliers, Juaneč‘An exploration of the informal backyard rental sector in South Africa’s Western Cape Province’
301 kb
Lawanson, Taibat & Olanrewaju, DavidHome as Workplace in Low Income Settlements of Lagos Metropolis
124 kb
Layson, Joesph & Nankai, XiaIntegrating community Participation in Urban Redevelopment Projects: Comparative study of Dar es salaam, Tanzania and Tianzifang Shanghai, China
917 kb
le Dieu, Anh & Legrand, Benoit & Van Lint, JanTan Hoa Lo Gom - Building a new life
349 kb
Le Roux, Jan Hendirk & Cilliers, Elizelle JuaneeThe participatory planning paradigm shift: Comparing disciplines and methods
374 kb
Lebedinskaya, GalinaPrinciples of the Territory Organization of Systems of the Interconnected Moving (City Agglomerations)
1030 kb
Leclercq, YannThe Badagry Masterplan, Lagos State
192 kb
Ledwon, SlawomirPlanning education, certification and deregulation in Poland
218 kb
Ledwon, SlawomirAbsorbing the Rapid Growth of Shopping Centre Development in Poland since the Political Change
220 kb
Ledwon, SlawomirValuing service and retail structures in core areas of cities
1750 kb
Lee, YoungeunUrban Development Privatization
208 kb
Lee, CatherineHousing Relocation Practices: Case Study of Shanghai
307 kb
Lei, Tang & Jianjun, Qiu Nanjing’s low carbon planning strategy research and practice, China
883 kb
Lei, Tang & Quan, ZhangEcological Urban Design for Science Education and Innovative District in Suzhou Industrial Park,China
1360 kb
Lei, Tang“Golden pheasants flying out of Mountain Jungle”——Strategy Planning of Urban Space Development under the background of ecological migration, DanZhai, Guizhou, China.
679 kb
Lei, Tang“Golden pheasants flying out of Mountain Jungle”——Strategy Planning of Urban Space Development under the background of ecological migration, DanZhai, Guizhou, China.
679 kb
Lengkeek, ArieBack and forth: Planning, identity and the cultural meaning of ancient, old and new infrastructure
330 kb
Leung, Kira LiseReducing CO2 emissions through the development of a sustainable urban transportation system: the Trinidad case study
892 kb
Li, Dong & Paulussen, Juergen & Wang, RusongConjugate Ecological Planning: a New Urban Planning Approach Linking up Sustainable Development with Creative Economy
820 kb
LI, Yuan & HE, Zizhang3D Indoor Navigation: a Framework of Combining BIM with 3D GIS
1384 kb
LI, BoUrban Sprawl Risk Assessment based on ecological Infrastructure: an approach to smart conservation
701 kb
LI, RuiUrban Heritage Conservation by using GIS under Urban Renewal: A case study of Hankou historical district in Wuhan, China
963 kb
Li, DongeMergy Evaluation: a Multi-Scale Optimum Tool for Visioning Sustainability
381 kb
LI, Dihua & LIU, KeEcological Infrastructure First: A case study of urban new developing zone of Hefei City, Anhui Province
880 kb
LI, Zhiming & Wang, WeiIllegal Construction on the urban Fringe as new Landscapes of urban Sprawl: the case of Nanjing, China
1647 kb
LI, Tian & Shen, TiyanEvaluation of Planning Implementation in transitional China. A case of Guangzhou City Master Plan
283 kb
LI, Xun & SHEN, Ti-Yan & TIAN, LiSimulating the Impacts of the 2008 Olympic Games on Real Estate Development in Beijing Metropolitan Area: An ABM Approach
368 kb
Li, DongPlanning Delta City, Where the Global Climate Change Meets the Local Urban Development
1015 kb
Li, Fengqing & Huang, HuangThe ''Three-old'' Policy of Community Renewal in China: Based on Cases in the Pearl River Delta Region
1021 kb
LI, RongEcological Reflection on the Current Development of Mainland China’s Urban Waterfront: The Case of Wuhan
484 kb
Li, Xiaohui & He, HaoFrom Historical Preservation to Renovation
435 kb
Li, Chengguang & Sun, Lu & Jones, PhillipLiveability of High-Rise Housing Estates: A Resident-Centered High-Rise Residential Environmental Evaluation in China
735 kb
Liang, TaoThe Vision of Urban Spatial Planning Based on the Concept of Low-Carbon City
539 kb
Liang, ZhengBridging the Gaps: A Scientific Analysis on Design Competitions
542 kb
Lin, Yuan & Lin, YuanProblems and Countermeasures of Dujiangyan Agricultural Area Protection during the Rapid Urbanization in Chengdu
540 kb
Lin, Dong & Allen, Andrew & Cui, JianqiangDoes polycentric urban spatial development lead to less commuting
389 kb
Linossier, RachelBilan Etape du Systčme d’Intervention économique territorialisé du Grand Lyon
180 kb
Listowski, AliciaAbout metropolitan Space, data Processing and Self-Sufficiency
1923 kb
LIU, Yun & PENG, ChongThe Impact Analysis of the Town and Country Planning Act 2008 on the smart Growth of a small-sized Town in China: Case Study of Lianjiang Town Master Plan
873 kb
Liu, ChengchengThe Ecological Livable Planning of Industrial Urban During Rapid Urbanization
228 kb
Liu, Weiqi & Chen, XieThe Research of Farming and Livestock Development in the Area of Ili River Valley of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
1148 kb
Liu, ChengchengExpansion of Regional Urban Space Based on Green Smart Growth
1100 kb
Lober, Anelice & da Costa Lobo, ManuelRe-qualification of an urban Project and social cultural Restoration in the historic Gloria and Santa Teresa Neighbourhood-Rio de Janeiro-Brazil
645 kb
Long, Ying & Mao, Qizhi & Dang, AnrongEstablishing Urban Growth Boundaries Using Geosimulation for Land Use Control. For paper please email to longying1980@gmail.com.
7 kb
LONG, Ying & SHEN, Zhenjiang & DU, LiqunComplex constrained CA urban Model: Long-term urban form prediction for Beijing metropolitan area
599 kb
Lorens, PiotrBuilding Sustainable Cities – Challenges for professional education
86 kb
Lorens, PiotrUrban Regeneration vs urban Sprawl - problems and prospects in the post-socialistic cities
116 kb
Lorens, PiotrTheming Urban Spaces in Post-Socialist Cities
135 kb
Lorens, Piotr & Kamrowska–Zaluska, DorotaShaping the new planning curricula in the post-socialistic context – lessons from Poland and Russia
343 kb
Lorens, Piotr & Kamrowska-Zaluska, Dorota Spurring the community involvement in planning - lessons from post-socialist cities
489 kb
Lorens, PiotrRebuilding the Post-Socialist Cities in the Age of Neo-liberalism
206 kb
Lourenco, Julia M. & Danko, Cristina C.Generalizing urban Sustainability Success Stories: a discussion on selected European cases
950 kb
Lourenco, Julia M. & Pereira, Nuno & Ramos, LuísLand use changes in the Douro Valley and carbon emissions
828 kb
Lourenço, Julia & Bardi, Tiziana Creative commercial city centres
62 kb
Lourenço, Julia M. & Bardi, TizianaShopping Areas and strategic Planning
246 kb
Lourenço, JuliaMedium-Sized Cities: The Axis Vila Real / Régua / Lamego as a Dilemma for Action
1332 kb
Lu, JiaSpatial planning for low carbon city in Shenzhen
342 kb
LUAN, Bo & PENG, Wenjie & Hu, HuanShaping Waterside City Form in Hangzhou through water-oriented ecological Infrastructure
1102 kb
Luengo de Arreaza, María HelenaThe Impact of Spatial Planning and Habitability in Latin-American Medium-Sized Cities on Social Inclusive Development
110 kb
Luka, LoudonThe Case for Improved Urban Governance as a Tool for Sustainable Urban Development in Malawi
214 kb
Lv, Yuan & Liu, Kewei & Liu, LinProblems and strategies of urbanization development in Western China from the perspective of urban-based society - A case study of Shaanxi Province
698 kb
MA, HangVillages in Shenzhen-typical economic Phenomena of rural Urbanization in China
130 kb
Magalhaes, Fernanda & Serdoura, FranciscoTraditional centralities x new emerging centralities – what impacts to the city?
369 kb
Magalhaes, Fernanda & Rojas, EduardoStategic Project Choice in a Context of limited Resources
263 kb
Magalhaes, Fernanda & Duran-Ortiz, Mario The impact of urban form on energy consumption - Brasilia x Curitiba
1974 kb
Magalhaes, Fernanda & Rojas, EduardoThe re-urbanization of the city center of Manaus, Brazil
93 kb
Magalhăes, Fernanda & Serdoura, Francisco & Nacif, HeliaChanging Public Spaces and Re-Designing the City: Effects of Major Events in Rio and in Lisbon
217 kb
Magalháes Pereira da Silva, JonathasMunicipal and Regional Planning in Brazil – An overview on a contemporary planning process
1987 kb
Magni, PeterStrategic Spatial Planning’s Role in Guiding Infrastructure Delivery in a Metropolitan Municipality Context: The Case of Johannesburg
411 kb
Majoor, StanNorms for Multiple Intensive Land Use
281 kb
Makrakis - Karachalios, ChrysostomosThe Area of Metaxourgeio in Transition; Dynamics and Actors’ Tactics
134 kb
Makrakis-Karachalios, Chrysostomos & Alexandropoulou, Aimilia Holiday Homes: Legal Framework and Reality; The Case Study of Asprovalta, Greece
27 kb
Maksin-Micic, MarijaProblems and Possibilities for steering urban Sprawl in Serbia
1076 kb
Malcata Rebelo, EmíliaLand Use Policy for Sustainable Cities
86 kb
Malcata Rebelo, EmíliaSustainable Networks of Public Spaces
1861 kb
Malcata Rebelo, EmiliaSystem of incentives to urban municipal-interest operations
81 kb
Malcata Rebelo, EmíliaSocio-Economic Impact Assessment of Investments: The Case of the Portuguese Northern Region
110 kb
Malusardi, Federico & Giuseppe, OcchipintiInformal Settlements Upgrading: the Gececondus in Ankara
672 kb
Malusardi, Federico & Monardo, Bruno & and Ms. Dr. Claudia Passaquindici, Giuseppe OcchipintiThe Role of Events in the Urban Transformations of Rome
1329 kb
Malusardi, Federico & Scoppetta, CeciliaRethinking urban Morphology through urban Forestry (case Rome)
1177 kb
Malusardi, Federico & Scoppetta, CeciliaConsideration/Analysis of the territorial Situation of the PalestinianWest Bank and the Public Participation in the Palestinian Planning Process
278 kb
Mans, UlrichAfrican Cities and Renewable Energy: The case of Cape Town, South Africa
1370 kb
Marchand, KoenraadUrban Autonomy and innovative Implementation of Regeneration Projects in disadvantaged Neighbourhoods
153 kb
Marchand, KoenraadUseful Friends in high Places. How do Party-Networks steer urban economic Development Policies?
58 kb
Marful, Alexander BoakyeLandscapes for Neighbourhood and Community Revival for Urban sub-Saharan Africa -The Case of Ghana
349 kb
Marinero, Angel & de las Rivas Sanz, JuanExperience of Sprawl Control in a Spanish Region
1487 kb
Marques, Áurea & Silva, ElisabeteProperty Profitability versus Property Risk: From territorial impacts to market behaviour
177 kb
Martin, VolkerMegacity Research Project - Ho Chi Minh
586 kb
Martinez, Javier Alberto & null, null & null, nullThe use of GIS to measure equity and spatial segregation within the City
38 kb
Martinez, Luís & Viegas, José M. & Silva Sintra, Elisabete A. Mobility Plans on a local Scale: Methodology, Results and Application
684 kb
Martinico, Francesco & Nigrelli, Fausto Carmelo & La Rosa, DanieleUrban Sprawl over Countryside. The case of the Landscape Protection Plan in Sicily
968 kb
Martinico, Francesco & La Rosa, Daniele & Privitera, RiccardoThe broken grid: non-urbanised areas for climate change adaptation strategies in a metropolitan region
576 kb
Martinico, FrancescoThe Clumsy Metropolis Urban dynamics and globalization in a medium sized metropolitan area of the Italian “Mezzogiorno”
463 kb
Martinico, FrancescoA ''Valley'' Looking for new Strategies - South Eastern Sicily facing new competitive Challenges
255 kb
Marwa, SamuelPotential of Greenway Networks as Tools for Land Use Planning and Sustainability - Case of Nairobi Central Business District
629 kb
Marzi, Maurizio & Ancona, NicolettaUrban acupuncture, a proposal for the renewal of Milan's urban ring road
830 kb
Masinde, Augustine & Musungu , Titus Financing Sustainability by Linking Urban Planning to Capital Investment: The Case of Kenya
79 kb
Mason, Jonathan & null, null & null, nullRadical Partnerships: Brokering Alliances between Historically Black Colleges-Universities, Public Schools and Community Based Orgranizations to architect Educational Excellence.
15 kb
Masum, Fahria Improving Governance for Fringe Land Development and Management: Need for stakeholder integration into planning process
93 kb
Mateus, AnaOutlet City Metzingen - an urban cultural identity based on consumption
228 kb
Matsumoto, TadashiCompact City Policies: Comparative Assessment
212 kb
Mc Lachlan, Gavin & null, null & null, nullThe Impact of Globalization on the Cities of Southern Africa: A Case Study of Cultural Identity and spatial Segragation in the Port Elizabeth Metropolitan Area
45 kb
McCarthy, JohnMaking spaces for creativity: designating cultural quarters
46 kb
McCormick, Tony11 Studios in eleven Cities – Propositions for a sustainable future
494 kb
Mchunu, Koyi`Insurgent` Spaces in Durban; An investigation on the proliferation of religious sites for the Nazareth Baptist Church
723 kb
McLachlan, GavinThe Impact and Sustainability of Coastal Development on the South-East Coast of South Africa
427 kb
McLachlan, GavinA case study of the urban spatial needs of informal craft workers in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.
369 kb
502 kb
Meenar, Mahbubur & Featherstone, Jeffrey & Mandarano, Lynn Effective community engagement tools in watershed plans: Examples from the USA
289 kb
Meenar, Mahbubur & Featherstone, Jeffrey & Cahn, Amy LauraUrban Agriculture in Post-Industrial Landscape: A Case for Community-Generated Urban Design
375 kb
Mehta, VikasA Toolkit for Performance Measures of Public Space
47 kb
Mei, YunAnalysis of the Relationship between Urban Residential Ecological Footprint and Construction of Urban Ecological Security Pattern
341 kb
Meijer, MichaëlA Dutch Strategy for Urbanisation within valuable Landscapes
1232 kb
Mendes, Clara & Morgado, SofiaLisbon Metropolitan Area: Centralities, urban growth and policies
716 kb
Mentos, Stavros''The Planning of the Olympic Complex in Faliron Coastal Zone and it's Post-Olympic Use''.
206 kb
Merey Enlil, Zeynep & Dincer, IclalThe Role of Heritage Conservation in the Management of Urban Regions
104 kb
Meyer, EngelaPossibilities, Probabilities and Prospects: Some Idea[l]s on finding the Future in Planning
35 kb
Michailidis, Triantafyllos & Zaire, DanaiHistoric centers, regenerated urban areas and innovative urban landscapes in Europe: how can they function as a development engine?
265 kb
Michelutti, Enrico Questioning Participation: Interactions between Communities and local Institutions in the Terrassa Neighborhood Plan, Spain
46 kb
Mieszkowska, Krystyna & Lechman, GrzegorzRejoining the Gdansk innercity
547 kb
Mignaqui, IlianaPublic Participation and Citizen Control in Buenos Aires: New Limits for urban Planning?
274 kb
Mignaqui, Iliana & Ciccolella, Pablo & Szajnberg, DanielaMetropolis in Transformation: Buenos Aires, between economic growth and social disintegration
800 kb
Mignaqui, Iliana & Szajnberg, DanielaPlanning the Matanza - Riachuelo Basin: Urban Strategies and a New Environmental and Urbanization Pattern for a Liveable City
1781 kb
Milakovic, Mira & Graovac, AnaLow Carboning in not Law Abiding Land Use: the Case Study in Belgrade
1968 kb
Milakovic, Mira & Vukmirovic, MilenaRegeneration Challenges of Modern Cities: the Case Study in New Belgrade
1200 kb
Milionis, SotiriosThe Impact of Big Bang Events
22 kb
Milojevic, BrankicaInfluential Factors on the Urban Transformation of Cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Period of Transition
941 kb
Milovanovic, DanijelaInteractive planning - use of the ICT as a support for public participation
480 kb
Minnery, JohnAffordable Housing, Urban Governance and Special Purpose Authorities in a Fast Growing Region
188 kb
63 kb
Mitra, Sheuli & Mitra, TapasConflicts in Land and Housing Markets in Kolkata: Emergence of a Divided City
1262 kb
Mitra, Tapas & Mitra, SheuliDelineation, transformation assessment and intervention initiatives for ‘Grey zones’ of Kolkata, India
1163 kb
Mitrovic, Sonja & Kacar, Maja & Jankovic, DanielaSustainable Solution for City Park ‘USCE’ - Dimension for the Future
658 kb
Mitrovic, SonjaModel for Revitalization of rural Community in Serbia
50 kb
Mitrovic, SonjaAction Plan for Sustainable City of Toronto - Case study of green roofs
114 kb
Moens, Enrico & Zha, RuiHow to bring ''BREEAM” to China: A case study of Zuoling project
484 kb
Mohammed, Asad'' Participatory Planning in East Port of Spain, Trinidad : Leveraging international support for local change''
125 kb
Mohd Kassim, HamdanThe Functioning of Town Planning within a dynamic socio-economic Environment - The Malaysian Perspective
679 kb
Monardo, Bruno & De Bonis, Luciano“Urban Center” as a privileged Place for shaping shared urban Vision
62 kb
Monardo, BrunoDynamic density: towards a «creative role» in urban central place accessibility policies
224 kb
Monardo, BrunoUrban Agriculture as a Social Inclusion Vector What Potential for Innovating Urban Regeneration Strategies?
552 kb
Monardo, BrunoThe role of non-profit organizations for innovating urban regeneration strategies. Four case studies in the USA
600 kb
Monteiro, Ana & Madureira, HelenaThe shape and magnitude of Porto`s heat island as a sustainability indicator
502 kb
Moon, KidukAdaptation of the urban structure type approach for the vulnerability assessment of climate change risks in Ho Chi Minh City
1053 kb
Morain, Nanika S. MIneffectiveness of Comprehensive Blueprint Planning as a planning tool
46 kb
Morain Martin, Nanika & Martin, HectorUnearthing the Links between Urban Development, Natural Disasters, and its Impact on Urban Sustainability
136 kb
Moreira, InesExpansion and Abandonment The urban duality in planning metropolitan Lisbon
1259 kb
Moreira De Marchi, PoliseThe city redesigning its economy by marketing strategies
247 kb
Morgado, SofiaDeveloping Metropolitan Lisbon. Unoccupied Space as a potential Planning Instrument
605 kb
Morgado, Sofia Shared and learnt lessons from Lisbon: Designing the city and the territory from an Urbanistic viewpoint
253 kb
Morgado, Sofia & Santos, Joăo Rafael & Moreira, InęsLisbon at a turning point: metropolitan patterns, trends and cultures
479 kb
Morris, Marlyn Toward sustainable climate change adaptation planning and implementation for low carbon cities in small island states of the Caribbean: Resolving the dilemma through a people-centred integrated planning process and institutional framework (St Lucia Case)
293 kb
Mourăo, Joana & Cuchí, Albert & Pagés, AnnaA framework to take into account of CO2 restrictions on municipal urban planning
122 kb
Movahed, Nooshin & Maeiyat, Mohammad MehdiPhytoremediation and sustainable urban design methods
821 kb
Movahed, KhosrowThe Mechanism of Transformation of Shiraz City from Past to Present
317 kb
Movahed, KhosroDiscerning Sprawl Factors of Shiraz City and how to make it livable
225 kb
Movahed, KhosrowA study on the dwindling of Shiraz green area
1368 kb
Movahed, KhosroThe role of urban inhabitants in the move towards low carbon cities
56 kb
Movahed, KhosroA Study on the Growth of Shiraz City through the Last Sixty-Five Years
1 kb
Mphambukeli, Thulisile NcamsileSocial Justice in Planning: A Case Study of the eThekwini Municipality IDP
613 kb
Mueller, HartmutSpatial Information Management, an Effective Tool to Support Sustainable Urban Development
456 kb
Mugenyi, AlbertRelationship Analysis between Greenspace and the Pulsar Effect
169 kb
Muhammad, ImranImpact of Global Institutions on Urban Transport in Pakistani Cities
236 kb
Mulliqi, Xhemshir Integrating the City of Mitrovica
565 kb
Mulongo, Leonard Simiyu & Erute, Boniface Ebkapten & Kerre, Patrick MaeloRural-Urban Interlink and the Sustainability of Urban Centers in Kenya: A case of Malaba Town
137 kb
Mumby, NeilParking as a tool to reduce carbon emissions
79 kb
Mundl, NorbertSolutions for illegal City Development in Beykoz
946 kb
Munya, Andrew Advantages and Risks of Pursuing PPPs for Elements of Express Lane Networks In Carlifonia: Lessons for Developing Countries.
541 kb
Muraki, Miki & Kunitani, Kosuke & Kuno, ToshimitsuPlanning Standards for better Townscape in Japanese Rural Cities? Planning Ordinances of Outside of the City Planning Area and Urbanisation Control Area
24 kb
Murphy, Melissa Reading Conflicts and Congruencies in the Built Environment
681 kb
Musakwa, Walter & van Niekerk, Adriaan & Mbinza, ZenzileDeveloping an urban sustainability toolbox using earth observation data and GIS for monitoring rapid urbanisation in developing countries
190 kb
Musyoka, Rose & Ngau, Peter & Mwango, Franklin Planning and Designing Flexible Use of Public Spaces for Improved Livelihoods in Urban Areas
465 kb
Mwangi, Winnie & Nyika, DavidThe Impacts of Poor Governance on Land Development Approval Processes. A case of City of Nairobi
89 kb
Mwaura, Arthur Opportunities and Challenges of Urban Densification and Redevelopment: A case of zones 3, 4 & 5, Nairobi, Kenya
280 kb
Namdar, AngelikaA sustainable Development Vision for Suriname
578 kb
Narang Suri, ShipraTwo Cities with no Soul: Planning for Division and Reunification in Post-war Mostar
2077 kb
Navarro , EdgarAztec Bike
37 kb
Navitas, PranandaHarmonizing the Sacred and the Profane. Bringing Together Cultural Heritage and Pop-Culture in the Urban Sphere
478 kb
Nchito, Wilma A City of segregated Shopping: An Analysis of the Location of Markets in Lusaka, Zambia
182 kb
Ng, WaikeenTowards a Food Sovereignty Strategy for Singapore
1090 kb
Nghi, Duong QuocIssues facing urban and rural planning in Vietnam
68 kb
Nguyen, DzungSize, Shape and Dispersion: Urban Form Evolution in Saigon River Basin and its Impact on hydrologic Performance from 1990 to 2000
1253 kb
Nieuwinckel, StefanThe Antwerp canvassing Programme - the political economy of the five senses in urban development
31 kb
Nijenhuijzen, AafkeArts Contributes to Liveability in Carnisselande
595 kb
NIU, Xiong & BI, XiongyangStudy on spatial Distribution of Industries in Chinese Cities during the transitional Period: A Case Study on the City of Nanning
911 kb
Njeru Njue, Peter & Musau, Kimeu‘Impenetrable’ Urban Maze Of East African Coastal Towns: Its impact on Climate Change
722 kb
Njue, Peter Njeru & Kibet, Edwin Kigai‘Green-Fingers Developments’ Headway in East African Region
692 kb
Njue, Peter & Mackay, TaylorLow-Cost and Eco-Conscious: Compatibility in Emerging Coastal Towns
1024 kb
Nollert, Markus & Schweizer, Michael & Seidemann, DirkInformal Aspects of cross border metropolitan Governance
319 kb
Novenkova, Aida & Sabirova, MarinaPublic Services Quality Escalation for Purposes of Regional Shadow Economic Elimination
3 kb
Novotny, Vojtech & Franke, Daniel & Pokorna, IrenaOn accessibility and energy efficiency modelling
1457 kb
440 kb
Nuri, MourińoNetworking in green
516 kb
O Connell, DerryUrban Regeneration
150 kb
O'Meara, Mary-Rain Innovative Approaches to Housing Policy and Production in Latin America Two Cases: Sao Paulo, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina
328 kb
Occhipinti, SaraHow to save Land through regional Planning
417 kb
Odendaal, Nancy & null, null & null, nullTechnology and the interests of the historically disadvantaged: help or hindrance? Case Study: the Cato Manor Development Project Land Claims Settlement Process
36 kb
Odero, KennethLocal authorities response to restructuring
60 kb
Okem, SelimThe social Aspect of integrative urban Practice
110 kb
Okitasari, Mahesti & Kidokoro, TetsuoPlanning beyond the boundaries: Perspectives on the challenging intergovernmental collaboration towards a sustainable regional governance in Indonesia
195 kb
Olajide, OluwafemiPoverty Alleviation in Lagos Urban Informal Settlements: A Sustainable Livelihood Approach
241 kb
Olga, Ravella & Nora, Giacobbe & Julieta, FredianiTransport as an integrative / disintegrative Factor in urban Regions. The case of La Plata City, Argentina
1004 kb
Olufemi, Olusola & Jimoh, Umar‘From Pedagogy to Paideia’: Physical Planning Education in Nigeria
832 kb
Omwenga, MairuraNairobi - Emerging Metropolitan Region: Development Planning and Management Opportunities and Challenges
1199 kb
Omwenga, MairuraIntegrated Transport System for Liveable City Environment. A Case Study of Nairobi Kenya
361 kb
Oral, Yildirim & null, null & null, nullThe evaluation of the development of urban and regional potentials of Ýzmir Metropolitan Area with regards to the expected changes in the information technology.
174 kb
Oral, YildirimAn Optimization approach for the Provision of Road Surfaces in Urban Areas
31 kb
Ordonez, Jaun FelipeThe Mexican Report
24 kb
Ordońez Cervantes, Juan Felipe & Cano, Juan Carlos & Vera, Paloma & Sŕnchez, Hessner & Andrade, Ferměn, Xaman Ha City, an Answer to the poor Growth and spread Population
811 kb
Ordóńez Cervantes, Juan FelipeSustainable Urban Design and Place-Making despite ‘Turbo-Planning’ Case Cancún Quintana Roo, México
866 kb
Ornek Ozden, Elif & Yerliyurt, Bora & Seçkin , Ebru Continuity of the Spirit of a Place – Case of a Historic Town
357 kb
Ortiz Jasso, EduardoThe Institutionalization of Urban Planning in the local Government, with the Participation of Society
137 kb
Ortiz Jasso, EduardoThe Case Cancun
775 kb
Oruç, Gülden Demet & Giritliođlu, Cengiz For more creative environments: an evaluation of urban quality and vitality of Istanbul Historical Peninsula
377 kb
Ouazzani, RachidEcoboulevard, Casablanca
392 kb
Owei, Opuenebo & Ede, Precious & Akarolo, ChimbikoLand Market Distortions in Nigerian Cities and Urban Sprawl: the Case of Abuja and Port Harcourt
350 kb
Owei, Opuenebo & Ikpoki, MabelThe Growth of middle and high Income informal Settlements in Port Harcourt, the Factors causing this Trend and the Challenges this poses for urban Management
84 kb
Owei, Opuenebo & Ede, Precious & Obinna, VictorThe Challenge of Sustainable Land Use Planning in Nigerian Cities: the Case of Port Harcourt
642 kb
Owei, Opuenebo A Partnership Framework for Managing an Emerging Urban Region: The Bonny Experiment in Rivers State, Nigeria
146 kb
Owei, Opuenebo & Nwikpo, LeyLocal processes and actors as key factors in the creative economy
397 kb
Ozalp, BerilSustainable development in Izmir
76 kb
Özaydýn, GülsenThe Role of urban Projects as a Tool in urban Integration and Disintegration
146 kb
ÖZDEN, Pelin PýnarIt is a comperative study about Istanbul's global and local urban transformation.
354 kb
Özkan, Evrim & Kozaman, SenemGated Communities: as an efficient Force in the Fragmentation Process of Istanbul
1028 kb
Pacheco, PaulaCity’s Port Qualification. City and Port Relationships
989 kb
Padarath, RashikaA Process of Integrated Governance in South Africa
91 kb
Pagaza, KarlaThe Pulsar Effects
173 kb
Pagonis, Thanos & Chorianopoulos , I. & Koukoulas , S. &, Drymoniti , S.Urban Cmpetitiveness and Sprawl as conflicting Planning Priorities: the Olympic legacy of Athens
1439 kb
Pan, Hongbo & Zhu, Jinghai & Liu, HeyunMaking tremendous efforts to promote the development of wind power generation centering on low-carbon cities
53 kb
Pancewicz, LukaszCommunity Innovators - ‘Shock Troops‘ of the New Order or Safety Brake in the Era of ‘Fast Policy‘?
198 kb
Pang, Wai KiUrban Morphology of traditional Chinese Cities in the Context of Modernization: A Case Study of Suzhou
899 kb
Paola Nicoletta, ImbesiAfter the Big Jubilee of Rome, Urban Politics for Tourism
25 kb
Paryski, MatiA Response to Brussels’ Unexpected Population Growth in a Context of Existing Urban Fabric, or How to Densify while Keeping a High Quality of Life
1114 kb
Pascariu, Gabriel & Elisei, PietroMajor Trends in the Evolution of Towns and Cities of in a Post Communist Competitive Environment
1434 kb
Pasternak, Suzana & Bogus, LuciaAspects of socio-spatial Inequalities in the City of Săo Paulo, as result of the globalization Process
109 kb
Patargias, Panagiotis & Poulodis, AlexandrosThe Restoration of the Area of Eleonas and its Contribution to the Upgrading of the Environment of Attiki
37 kb
Patargias, PanagiotisMy Contribution is the Study of the Problems of the Area and the Special Proposals forwards their Solution.
111 kb
Peng, Kai & Zhou, Junqing & Yang, JunleiExploitation of the Lakeshore Districts under the the Guidance of Healthy Lake Concept
475 kb
Peng , Jiandong & Bo, Liming & Wang, JingjingRural Landscape Planning Based on Ecological Analysis: A Case Study of Shuangdun Village, Huangpi District, Wuhan City
1025 kb
Perez, FranciscoSelected practical experiences and succesfull case studies from Mexico. (Mexican Delegation)
1296 kb
Pérez Arellano, Mexican ND, FrancescoUrban Regions of Mexico
561 kb
Perry, GuyDeveloping Environments for the Creative Economy in Central Europe
305 kb
Perry, GuyPlanning Cultural Sustainability in a Global Economy
220 kb
Perry, GuyBuilding a Community on Pride
1584 kb
Perry, Guy Planning for Health and Sustainability (Low-Fat Cities)
1732 kb
Peters, Hana & Kodukula, SanthoshFast-forwarding Transport Infrastructure: Resilient and Adaptable Wins the Race
125 kb
Petetit, Sylvain & Jean-Francois, GuetThe French SCOT, a good Tool to restrain urban Sprawl?
1191 kb
Petrovich, Michail & Grishechkina, I.E.Perm and St-Petersburg: General Ideas and Innovations in Urban Planning -
Petrus, Peter & null, null & null, nullSomewhere between fact and fiction……
26 kb
Petzer, Jaco & null, null & null, nullGap matters in the local village: A case study on the “hut-wired” situation in QwaQwa, South Africa
44 kb
Pfirrmann, Martine•region - supporting regional development through a collaborative world wide web based portal site
40 kb
Pfirrmann, MartinThe Rheinbach-case study - Reshaping the economic structure and urban characteristic of a 26.000 inhabitant city by the initiation of a creative cluster
124 kb
Pichler-Milanovic, NatašaUrban Development in Central and Eastern Europe: From Transition to »creative« Competition?
366 kb
Pichler-Milanovic, NatašaEuropean urban Sprawl: Sustainability, Cultures of (Anti)Urbanism and »Hybrid Cityscapes«
354 kb
Pichler-Milanovic, NatašaHow can Cities in the Alps-Adriatic Region improve their Competitiveness and cross-border Cooperation through visioning of strategic urban Projects?
343 kb
Pietro, Elisei & Giovanni, Ginocchini & Tobias, DietrichA view from the web: telematics of town planners issues and virtual piazzas.
49 kb
Pilzer, DavidTransition from a demand-based standard to parking limitations that support mass transit
94 kb
Pilzer, DavidBuilding in the Western Wall Plaza, Jerusalem
69 kb
Pinho, JoanaPlanning policies in municipal mobility plans
413 kb
Pinto, Ana Júlia & Remesar, AntoniThinking of public spaces for low carbon cities
1522 kb
Pinto, Ana Júlia & Remesar, AntoniPlanning Public Spaces Networks towards Urban Cohesion
554 kb
Piracha, AwaisBridging the Gap between Policy Rhetoric and Action: Role of the State, Public Sector Organizations and Individuals in Sustainable Transport in Australia
105 kb
Pisco, PauloCities & schools in a low carbon approach
93 kb
Polat, ErkanInfiltrating Globalization to Cities and Identities as a Challenging Paradigm
110 kb
Popal, Abdul Baqi & Turkstra, JanPeace Building in Afghanistan through Settlement Regularization
1459 kb
33 kb
Postalcý, Ece & Kuruç Ada, Ayţegül & Ozbek Eren, YmreThe new urban Memory
97 kb
Potgieter, Pieter & Steyn, Joseph (Das)How the City of Bloemfontein did the Tango alone in the inner City Renewal Project
525 kb
Powell, MarissaOnline engagement – linking their digital world to ours
2165 kb
Prakash, Poonam Legitimizing Politics of Influence through Participatory Planning Practices in Delhi
337 kb
Prattley, Gary & Day, JohnThe role of planning and infrastructure to ensure the prosperity of Perth into the future
48 kb
Prattley, Gary Unprecedented growth potential in the resources sector of WA puts the Pilbara region firmly on the global stage
60 kb
Prosperi, DavidIntegration and Disintegration: The View from the URBAN REGION
104 kb
Prosperi, DavidDistribution of creative firms by zip code in South Florida
622 kb
Prosperi, David & Lourenco, JuliaThe Keen Eye of the Quadralogue: Overcoming Intractability in the urban Trialogue
265 kb
18 kb
Prothi, Nupur & Prothi, Amit & Khanna, SameerHow are Indian Cities coping with the Advent of the ''Information Technology Culture?''
16 kb
Prothi Khanna, Nupur The Future of the Past in sprawling Cities
374 kb
Proto, BrigidaUrban insecurity in the globalization: the violent Nairobi
359 kb
Ptichnikova, Galina Current Trends in the Planning System in Sweden
1286 kb
Pumhiran, NolapotReflection on the disposition of creative milieu and its implications for cultural clustering strategies
76 kb
QI, Lei & LU, BinUrban Sprawl: A case study of Shenzhen, China
524 kb
Qiao, Qing & Yuan, Hong & Yan, BinLand Use Planning based on ecological Infrastructure in metropolitan urban Fringe: A case study on Dongsanxiang Area, Beijing
886 kb
Qin, Mengdi & Liu, GuangpengStrategies on Improving the Attraction of Small Towns in China, Solving Problems Caused by Migration
574 kb
Quental, Nuno & Silva, MargaridaEstablishing a good governance system for the Porto Metropolitan Region
104 kb
Quijano, Elisa & Rodriguez, EthelMaracaibo: A Latin American Petroleum City Planning
1253 kb
Rahaman, KhanHow safe are the walkers
302 kb
Rahman, Golam & Matin, Abdul & null, nullTopic: Arsenic Contamination in Drinking Water of Bangladesh: Problems and prospects for its mitigation-a case study of Kachua Upzilla, Chadpur, Bangladesh.
2336 kb
Rahman, Mohammad Atiq ur & Sakano, Tatsuro & Komai, TakeshiBreaking the vicious circle of distrust and underdevelopment in context of creative economy: The case of Pakistan
75 kb
Rahman, Golam & Alam, Nurul & Alam, DeannaCity Growth with urban Sprawl and Problems of Management for sustainable Urbanization
171 kb
Ram, KanaAffordable Housing Opportunities in Small Indian Cities- A Case study of Industrial Migrant
100 kb
Ram, KanaAffordable Housing Opportunities in Small Indian Cities- A Case study of Industrial Migrant
100 kb
Ramlall, JayaSustainable City of Port-of-Spain: Myth or Reality?
477 kb
Rapp, Florian & Keim, Christian & Viejo Garcia, PabloEnergy demand assessment of European urban structures based on a multi-scale approach
254 kb
Rasooli, Mostafa & Badarulzaman, Nurwati & Jafaar, MasturaThe Role of CDSs in Sustainable Development in Developing Countries
101 kb
Ratna, UditParadigm Shift in Making Barrier Free Environment for Mobility of the Disabled Persons in Indian Cities with Special Reference to Public Transport in Delhi Metropolitan Area
390 kb
Rau, StefanAttractive rural eco-territories – A path towards social harmony, landscape ecology and urbanization management in China? – A case outside Chongqing
1981 kb
Rau, StefanEmerging Third Tier Metropolises in Central China – sustainable, educated, niche, clean, aesthetic – a recipe to build and sustain their gravity to balance urbanization in China?
1502 kb
Reardon, Mitchell & Weber, Ryan Planning for a Resource Efficient Future: Opportunities in Stockholm, Marseille and Newcastle
2168 kb
Regino, MarilynTitle: Impressions (or Critique?) on the 1995 World Youth Day (WYD): The Manila Experience.
16 kb
Reiss-Schmidt, StephanClimate change: integrated strategies - Case study Munich, Germany
1318 kb
Reiss-Schmidt, StephanFrom Government to Governance? - Cooperative Regional Development in the Munich Region
158 kb
Reiss-Schmidt, StephanUrban Place or Suburban Campus ?
151 kb
Rembarz, Gabriela & Kamrowska-Zaluska, DorotaDelivering high environmental quality, affordable housing in Poland
1191 kb
Ren, JieSiting Green Infrastructure: Synthetical Solutions for Leading the Oasis City’s Sustainable Development in Wuyi New Town
2963 kb
Revell, KristyWorking with Informality: Increasing resilience in cities of the Global South
118 kb
Robinson, PeterUrban reconstruction in a contested landscape - lessons from Cato Manor in South Africa
48 kb
Robinson, Peter & Godehart, SusannaUrban Development Framework - A Methodology for Rapid Appraisal of a Medium Sized City
818 kb
Rocco, RobertoForeign Direct Investment and Urban Change
470 kb
Rocco, RobertoAn urban Geography of Gobalisation: new corporate Centralities in the Age of hyper Connectivity
1538 kb
Rodera, Andrea & null, null & null, nullNew keywords, new topics, new models: żNew cities?
375 kb
Rodrigues Alves, ManoelMaking Spaces for the Creative Economy: some challenges to overcome
53 kb
Rodziewicz, Adam & null, null & null, nullHey, is it real, virtual or both?-It is possible that in the near future special planning will have one more “e-dimension”.
47 kb
Roider, Oliver & Uhlmann, T.Evaluation of sustainable transport measures implemented in European cities
903 kb
Roido, Mitoula & Mihalena, EvanthiaThe Sustainability of Athens through its Atmosphere Upgrading
49 kb
Rojas, EduardoThe Reurbanization of the Brasilia metropolitan Region
661 kb
Romanos, Aristidis & Liveris, Konstantinos & Velissaratou, JulieReshaping urban environment through major events: the Athens Olympic Games
1616 kb
Romanos, AristidisHistoric Cities in the Grip of Tourist Development – Lessons from a Cross-Temporal Study in Mykonos
1061 kb
Rosales, NatalieTowards a Design of Sustainable Cities: Incorporating sustainability indicators in urban planning
231 kb
Rosciszewski, Michal & null, null & null, nullAccessibility of an environmentally fragile Tourist Region - Case of Himalaya
31 kb
Rosenfeld, Elías & Discoli, Carlos & San Juan, GustavoCompact City versus diffuse City: their implications in urban life quality and sustainability
1558 kb
Rosenfeld, Elďas & San Juan, Gustavo & Discoli, Carlos Energetic efficiency measures guided to reduce carbon emissions in the urban residential sector of Argentina
363 kb
Ross, PeterShenyang Urban Planning Project
494 kb
Rouf, Abdur & Jahan, Sarwar & null, nullTrends and Patterns of Urbanization in Bangladesh
111 kb
Rubitzki, IreneIKEA – Buying, Living and Planning in a more Globalized World
289 kb
Rüsch, StephaniePlanning strategies in Vienna/Austria to raise the rate of bike traffic
405 kb
Russell, Paula & Scott, Mark & Redmond, Declan Integration and Exclusion, Active Citizenship and Neighbourhood Change and Development
114 kb
Rustemoglu, Gulsum & Fromer, PaulPreserving the Environment: Multiple Species Conservation Plan (MSCP): An Example of Collaborative Governance Structure
245 kb
Ryan, Brent D. Shrinking-City Urban Form as a Determinant of Urban Policy: the Case of Flint, Michigan, USA
1272 kb
Rypkema, DonovanHeritage Resources: An Essential Component of the Strategic Factors
32 kb
Ryser, Judith & Franchini, TeresaToward low carbon cities: Madrid and London
215 kb
Saghin, Irina & Ioja, Cristian & Gavrilidis, Athanasios AlexandruUrban Regeneration through Industrial Restructuring of Brownfields in the Local Economies of Post Communist Countries. Case Study: Romania
2251 kb
Saghin, Irina & Ioja, Cristian & Gavrilidis, Athanasios AlexandruPerception of the Industrial Areas Conversion in Romanian Cities- Indicator of Human Settlements Sustainability
534 kb
Sainz, Claudio & Wario, Esteban Un Réseau de Villes pour la Durabilité Régionale: Le Noeud Régional Centre-Ouest du Mexique
91 kb
Saito, Kei & Chiba, Shinji & SHINOZAKI, MichihikoNew Internet Technology for Interactive Citizen Participation in Cyberspace
27 kb
Sakano, Tatsuro & null, null & null, nullBeyond the paradox of hierarchy
56 kb
Salheen, Mohamed & Attia, AmrUrban Transitional Zones in Cairo
1483 kb
Sall, OusmaneThe innovation project in the context of the franco-valdo-genevese agglomeration: The case of the gold rectangle
162 kb
Salwa Tawfik Ramadan, SalwaOhio planning and zoning law
7876 kb
Sanders, F. M & null, null & null, nullFuture Growth centres on nodes in a multimodal network
23 kb
Sangare, AhmedHow to Approach the Upgrade of the Urban Scheme of Yamoussoukro Towards Sustainability?: A Focus on Commercial Planning
896 kb
Sangaré, AhmedEnvironment Has Little Chance To Be The Priority In Sub-Saharan African Cities
619 kb
Sanjaykumar, SonarUrban Sprawl - A system dynamic Approach
93 kb
Santos Cruz, Sara & Pinho, PauloThe Impact of closed Condominiums in the metropolitan Area of Oporto
1471 kb
Sarayed-Din, Luiza Farnese Lana & Ahmad, Faizah Binti & Zainol, Rosilawati BintiRio de Janeiro's port area transformations for the mega-events: history, urban regeneration and grassroots creative experiences
424 kb
Saris, JeroenCreative spaces in the Netherlands
703 kb
Sarkar, ArunavaLow energy urban block: Morphology and planning guidelines
1159 kb
Sarkar, ArunavaMorphological Approach towards socio-spatial Design of creative Cities
704 kb
Sas-Bojarska, AleksandraLandscape Protection – The challenge for sustainable planning
793 kb
Sas-Bojarska, AleksandraThe green waterfront of a city – where are the limits of good planning? Gdansk case
951 kb
Sasek Divjak, MojcaStrategic land use planning for low carbon cities in Ljubljana urban region
639 kb
Sasidharan, Priya & Prosperi, David .C.Open Space Renaissance: The ‘ebb’ & the ‘throb’ in Chennai City
80 kb
Sasidharan, Priya & Prosperi, David C.Dichotomy of Urban Public Spaces “Timeless or Ephemeral”- The Indian experience
492 kb
Sat, Aydan & Gürer, Nilüfer & Gürel Üçer, AslýLocal Governments’ Role in Conservation and Evaluation of cultural and historical Values: Beypazarı case
777 kb
Savcic, VladimirSpatial (Re)Development between Interests and Identity-Cooperation as a Strategy for urban Transition
136 kb
Savcic, VladimirInter-Mobility as a Role for urban (Re)Development of Belgrade public Space Areas
1108 kb
Schlebusch, SanmariePlaning for Sustainable communities: Layout and design approaches
464 kb
Schmelzer, BrigitteIntegrated Urbanism –The Role of Landscape Strategies for Hyper-Dynamic Urban Change
1949 kb
Schneider, Andreas & Keller, SimonStimulating the Redevelopment of industrial Areas - an action plan for public authorities
117 kb
Schoenwandt, Walter & Jung, Wolfgang & Bader, JohannesInternal Growth: Can strategic planning procedures help to achieve it?
232 kb
Schrenk, Manfred & Paugger, Helmut eSchwechat: from Transport Hub to Knowledge Hub
417 kb
Schrenk, Manfred & Eizinger, Christian & Farkas, AndorAIRCLIP - Airports and climate protection
825 kb
Schrenk, Manfred & Thonhofer, HeidemariegLOCALize.IT! - Using information technologies to strenghten local knowledge and tradition in a globalized world - the example of ''Austrian Iron-Route''
2713 kb
Schrenk, ManfredDealing with Dynamic Developments in the Planning Process - ”Rule-Based Dynamic Planning”
1755 kb
Schrenk, Manfred & Eizinger, Christian & Daniela Patti, Linda DörrzapfMAI – Mobility Pass for Real Estate
823 kb
Schrenk, Manfred & Patti, Daniela & Carrasco, Eduardo ARGUS: Assisting Personal Guidance System for People with Visual Impairment
993 kb
Schrenk, Manfred & Oliver Rathschüler, Julia Neuschmid, & Uschi Dorau, Stefan KollaritsDevelopment of a Planning Information System to Support Environmental Planning in the Sultanate of Oman in the Frame of the National Spatial Strategy
156 kb
Schuett, RolfRaster based GIS for urban Management: a low-cost solution for developing countries
1107 kb
Schwaiger, BärbelSustainable Holistic Approach and Know-how tailored to India - the SHAKTI project
797 kb
Schwaiger, BaerbelEnergy Management as a First Step towards Integrated Urban Planning in Ukrainian Cities
408 kb
Scornik, Carlos OsvaldoNew methodologies for comprehensive planning of Great Resistencia Metropolitan Area - Argentina in a Crisis Context
58 kb
Scornik, Carlos Osvaldo & Schneider, ValeriaPlanning with Community Vision of Fontana (Argentina)
575 kb
Seelig, SebastianMunicipal Guidelines for Low-Carbon Urban Planning and Design in Germany – An investigation into Scopes, Strategies and International Transferability
662 kb
Seerappalli Ponnusamy, Sekar & Karuppannan, SadasivamContributions of Metro Rail Projects in the Urban Dynamics of Indian Metro Cities: Case Study of Chennai and Bangalore
617 kb
Seif el Islam Ahmed , MalazPlanning is a Wizard to Solve the Third World Cities’ Problems
1069 kb
Seisdedos, GildoUrban Balanced Score Card: from vision to implementation
96 kb
Sekar, Seerappalli PonnusamyI am the Researcher for the past 15 Years on all the Development of Chennai Metropolitan Development
354 kb
Sekar, Seerappalli P. & null, null & null, nullMarching Towards Cyber City - Planning Perspective
22 kb
Sen, JoyThe Case Study is about a Pattern-Evaluation of Calcutta with regard to the Mega Contextual Certainties and Uncertainties and the Subsequent Selection of Planning Mode and processes to restore Order in its Metropolitan Region
776 kb
Sen, Joy‘Real’ and ‘dummy’ Impacts of integrative and disintegrative Forces on a metropolitan Economy, Calcutta, India
152 kb
Sen, JoyEvaluation of evolving strategies for new zones of creative opportunity in a metropolis
282 kb
Shaheen, Lubna Rapid Urbanization and the Challenge of Sustainable Urban Development in Palestinian Cities
10 kb
Shang, Chuan & Ko-Yang, Lin & Hou, GuoyingSimulate the Impact of Urban Morphology on Energy Demand
667 kb
Shao, Dan & Mu, YePlanning Practices Coping with Migration in Backward Area in Western China:A Case Study of Liupanshui City (Planning towards Migration in Backward Area)
1135 kb
Sharaf Eldin, Ibrahim & Amin, Khairy & Solman, Mohamed New urban Communities Management as a Tool for strategic Issues
347 kb
sharaf eldin, ibrahimcommunity service standards & globalization
315 kb
Sheikh, Shuab Ahmed & null, null & null, nullPlanning in the Information Age
43 kb
Shen, Na & Liang, Jiang & Sun, HuiBuilding the cumulative Impact Assessment System within the regulatory detailed Planning Framework in China
192 kb
Shima, Norihisa & Kidokoro, Tetsuo & Onishi; Leksono Probo Subanu, TakashiChallenges and Scopes toward the decentralized regional Development Framework in Southeast Asian Countries
94 kb
Shima, Norihisa & Hiramoto, Kazuo & Seta, Kensuke Katayama; Changgi Kim, Seungyeoun Cho; Hajime Matsutani, FumihikoTokyo’s large-scale urban Redevelopment Projects and their Processes
248 kb
Shubin, AntonGeogracom 5W+: Spatial Planning decision-making Process from future Vision to understandable Results
136 kb
Siedentop, Stefan & Fina, StefanUrban Sprawl beyond Growth: from a growth to a decline perspective on the costs of sprawl
938 kb
Sihlongonyane, Mfaniseni Fanafirst study of inter-city cooperation and from a planning point of view in South Africa
843 kb
Silva, Vasco & Silveira, Paulo & Dentinho, TomazSpatial interaction model with land and water use. An application to Terceira Island
1888 kb
Simatupang, WitaConurbations in Java, Indonesia: the call for multi stakeholder urban management
846 kb
Simeunčević , SanjaOut-institutional Participation of Inhabitants in the planning Process for the Reconstruction of inner City Areas of Novi Sad
94 kb
Simms, DoneikaThe Effects of Urbanization on natural Resources in Jamaica
505 kb
Simsek, GulUrban River Rehabilitation as an Integrative Part of Sustainable Urban Water Systems
292 kb
Singh, Rana P. B. Varanasi (India): Perspectives and Visions of strategic urban Development of a Heritage City
496 kb
Sirry, AzzaFinancing development projects -relocation of wholesale market
382 kb
Skosana, AndileTransforming a fragmented City of Tshwane
745 kb
Smith, GarryContributions of Brownfield Development to urban internal Expansion and urban Renewal in Practice
489 kb
Smith, Garry & Phillips, Elizabeth & Doret, GeoffreyBiodiversity Conservation on Private Land and Australian Cityscapes
275 kb
Smith, GarryBrownfields Planning: A tool for economically and socially effective sustainable urban development
516 kb
Smith, Garry Development and Application of Environmental Risk Asessment Methods to Planning and Delivery of City and Suburban Development.
1498 kb
Smolders, Bert Strategies for Delta Cities and Climate Change, Experiences from the South and the North
319 kb
Soetomo, SugionoUrban Development as the Interface of Regional Development from below in Central Java-Indonesia: The case of Semarang Metropolitan
1511 kb
Soraya, MirzaStrategic Urban Planning and Design Tools for Inner City Regeneration. Towards a Strategic Approach of Sustainable Urban form Future – the Case of Bandung City, Indonesia
1431 kb
Spaans, MarjoleinRegional Area Development in the Netherlands: new tools for a new type of projects
451 kb
Spaans, MarjoleinThe changing Role of the Dutch regional Level: from a strategic to an Implementation Role in spatial Planning
286 kb
Spars, Guido & Fuerst, Franz & null, nullThe Role of New Technologies in Regional Economic Competition - A Case Study of German Regions
22 kb
Sretovic, Visnja & Brkovic, Matija & Cvetinovic, MarijaGreen Energy and Cultural Heritage Preservation: Case Studies from Serbia
1175 kb
Sretovic, Visnja & Brkovic, MatijaStormwater Management as a Green Solution to Support Environmental Quality: A Case Study from Serbia
883 kb
Srinivas, HariCities as Brands: Osaka City in Japan Reinvents itself
186 kb
Stalenhoef, Gerard & Geldof, CharlotteTowards a stronger Interaction of Planning and Realization of strategic Projects in Flemish spatial Planning
515 kb
Stark, Juliane & Dietrich, Tobias & Maier; Sammer, Lechner; Sonntag; Potentials and effects of a European-wide CO2-Certificate Trading Scheme upon road traffic in Austria (MACZE)
202 kb
Starodubtseva, Ekaterina‘Situating’ Western Planning Ideas Within the Post-Soviet Realities. The Case Study of Perm, Russia
1427 kb
Steenwegen, BartEurope-Brussels, Visioning and the Design Office
836 kb
Stephens, Richard & null, null & null, nullPlanning on the Internet: an Infobahn Tourguide
43 kb
Stephens, RicCommunity Ecology
1332 kb
Stepura, MikhailRailway Lines - the Potential Spine for the Future Post-Soviet Cities Growth
415 kb
Stepura, MikhailDevelopment around Transit as a Tool for Improvement of Transport Systems and Transformation of Public Spaces in post-Soviet Cities
1455 kb
Stöckner, UteNetworking as necessity - The inland harbour example
22 kb
Storch, HarryAdapting Ho Chi Minh City for Climate Change. Urban Compactness: a Problem or Solution?
278 kb
Storch, HarryExploring the Spatial-Temporal Linkages of Climate Response and Rapid Urban Growth in Ho Chi Minh City
979 kb
Storm, ErnstManaging Randstad Holland?
221 kb
Streich, Bernd & null, null & null, nullThe Urban Sprawl as Planning Problem in the Information Age - Germany and the USA in comparison
4 kb
Striker, MarenIntensification, Compact City Development and Sustainability
529 kb
Stupar, Aleksandra(Re)Creating Urban Identity: The Belgrade Metropolitan Region at the Crossroads of European Integration Flows
485 kb
Stupar, AleksandraThe Role of Urban Symbols in the Global Competition
249 kb
Stupar, Aleksandra & Hamamcioglu, CenkModifying the urban Essence, Boosting the City Economy?
257 kb
Stupar, Aleksandra & Djukic, AleksandraUnplanned settlements, (un)expected problems: ‘Green’ solutions for low carbon Serbia?
409 kb
Stupar, AleksandraA new Identity for a prosperous Future?
353 kb
Subba, Mahendra & Bjoenness, Hans ChristieUrban Sprawl - A Necessary Evil? Towards a framework for research on urban containment for Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
253 kb
Sugai, Maria Inęs & Peres, Lino Fernando Bragança Poverty Spaces and Urban Informality: Effects of Urban (Dis)Integration
586 kb
Sundaram, Meenatchi & Sekar, S.PPlanning ‘tree-cover’ is a passive means for low carbon cities
699 kb
Svanda, Nina & Hirschler, PetraMoving in Vienna – intelligence “on the move”
1010 kb
TANG, Yan & XU, JingquanRegional Governance of the Capital Metropolitan Region: A Comparative Study of Berlin-Brandenburg and Beijing
999 kb
Tang, ShaoJie & Liu, Rong & Pan, JingJiangExploration and practice on implementable planning of low-carbon new town
325 kb
Tang, Yuanzhou & Chen, XiaojingTowards a walkable city: the planning practice of Shenzhen
1208 kb
Tang, Lei & Qiu, Jianjun‘FLOWING’: The Regeneration of Millennium ancient city by Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal
865 kb
TANGARI, Vera R. & SILVA, Jonathas Magalhăes P. Revitalization of the Docklands Region in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
992 kb
Tângari, Vera Regina & Magalhăes P. da Silva, JonathasPlanning Open Spaces Systems in Brazilian Cities: Barriers and opportunities
1957 kb
Tardin, Raquel & Costa, LuciaSystem of Open Spaces and Territorial Planning: Towards a Sustainable Development
1289 kb
Taskin, Özlem & Güçer, Evrim & Kompil, Esin Ince , Can, Isin, Durmaz, BaharTransformation of urban Public Space in reinventing local Identity
513 kb
Ter Beek, Inge & null, null & null, nullMultifunctional and intensive landuse: not without creativity, guts & a sense of reality
21 kb
Terrazas, Victor & null, null & null, nullBusiness Parks & Landscape Designers
47 kb
Tettey, CephasHarmonizing Rapid Urbanization and Local Transit for Contemporary Cities in West Africa- The case of Accra City
493 kb
Teughels, PhilippePetrol South: Case study on Process Management and Consensus Building
381 kb
Thierstein, Alain & Reiss-Schmidt, StephanUrban Development Management in Munich, Germany. Integrated strategy, impacts and learning from external evaluation
1125 kb
Thomas, StaceyImpacts of economic growth on carbon footprints
851 kb
Thomas, Stacey''The Future is Urban'' The challenge for sustainable urban development in the Caribbean: The search for a sustainable urban forms
376 kb
Thompson-Fawcett, MichelleStyling the City: The municipality, fashion and identity in Dunedin, New Zealand
171 kb
Tillie, Nico & van den Dobbelsteen, AndyTowards CO2 neutral Urban development – presenting the Rotterdam Energy Approach and Planning (REAP)
696 kb
Tillner, SiljaCreative Strategies to Strengthen the Identity of Shrinking Cities
430 kb
Tillner, SiljaURBION - The Revitalization of the Vienna Gürtel
1260 kb
Timpanaro, CaterinaThe impact of globalization on the local society, in relationship with its spaces, of the borough ‘San Cristoforo’ in Catania (Sicily)
130 kb
Tisma, Alexandra & Bijlsma, Like & Dammers, EdPrivate Initiatives in Housing Developments in The Netherlands and the Role of directed urban Design
274 kb
Toba, Lindelwa & Campbell, Maléne & Phillip Lesia &, Danie SchoemanA Critical Examination of Public Transport: A Case Study of Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality, South Africa
770 kb
Torres, NiltonUrban Governmentalization and Public Participation in Sao Paulo
371 kb
Torres, Yuri & Costa, LuciaGeo-social networks and the understanding of the dynamics of the city: the case of Rio de Janeiro’s boundaries of formal and informal neighborhoods
1158 kb
Torres, Yuri & Sá Antunes Costa, Lucia MariaRio Hyperlocal: Social Media and Digital Landscape in the Process of Urban Redevelopment
1063 kb
Trkulja, SinišaImplementation of Spatial Plans in Serbia
177 kb
Trkulja, SinišaComplementarity of Urban Plans and Strategies
500 kb
Trusins, Jekabs & Brinkis, Janisstrategic planning
31 kb
Trusins, Jekabs & Bebriss, IvarsTourism as creative force for spatial planning in Latvia
500 kb
Tse, Janice Ching YuPlanning for Green Infrastructure in a Changing Climate in London
719 kb
Tsering, Dawa & Bjoenness, Hans Christie & Hongwei, GuoLand Conservation and urban Farmers Livelihoods. A Critical Pair in an Urban Strategy in Gyantse, Tibet Autonomous Region, P.R. of China
478 kb
Tubbs, JeffreyThe Revitalization of Philadelphia into a Creative Economy
944 kb
Tuncer, MehmetPrinciples of step by step protective urban Renewal
386 kb
Turk, ErsinAn Evaluation of industrial Park Policy of Turkey: Ýzmir as a case study
313 kb
Turkoglu, Handan & Usun, Murat & Koçak Güvener, UluayA Participatory Spatial Planning Process: The Case of Bursa, Turkey
279 kb
Twitchett, BillConvivial Regions versus Sprawl
1301 kb
Twitchett, BillTypology of urban Regions: configuration, internal dynamics, external influences and global perspectives
1103 kb
Twitchett, BillCanberra : Political Decisions, Planning and Sustainable Development
5178 kb
Twitchett, BillThe ''Convivial Region'' : a fundamental entity within the world pattern of development
1312 kb
Twitchett, BillRegional Spaces, Creativity and Sustainable Cities
223 kb
Uchiyama, Yuta & Okabe, AkikoCategorization of 48 Mega-Regions by Spatial Patterns of Population Distribution: The Relationship between Spatial Patterns and Population Change
1536 kb
Udika, RudoFlood Management: an examination of mitigation measures for flooding in urban areas in Trinidad
1717 kb
Udika, RudoClimate change and vulnerability: Responding to climate change impacts on the coastal urban corridor, Barbados
1493 kb
Ulker Kacar, EvrenGreen neighborhoods
1218 kb
Ulker-Kacar, EvrenMaking livable and attractive Waterfronts
39 kb
Ultramari, Clovis & Duarte, FabioMissing urban Turning Points
61 kb
Ulusay Alpay, BilgeConcept of ‘Identity’ in designing the Future – the case of a historical peninsula in Ýstanbul
88 kb
Ulusay Alpay, Bilgeurban change and town centres: istanbul historic peninsula case study
83 kb
Unsal, FatmaThe Evaluation of Project Typologies in Istanbul: From conspiring dialogues to inspiring trialogues
313 kb
Ustundag, Kevser & da Costa Lobo, ManuelPerception on City Planning
91 kb
Uttarwar, P S A Planning Approach for Fast Changing ‘Socio-Political‘ Environment: A Case of Delhi Master Plan
537 kb
Vaggione, Pablo & Seisdedos, GildoThe city branding processes: the case of Madrid
53 kb
Vaggione, PabloBuilt heritage as source of world city identity: The case of Shanghai
594 kb
Vaillant, PhilippeThe convivial Region “Vosges-Ardennes“
349 kb
VAILLANT, PhilippeLe Génie Territorial – Une boîte ŕ outil des Ingénieurs Territoriaux Généralistes en France
176 kb
Vaillant, Philippe Mining, environment and society: Contribution of the thought of Whitehead to the methodology of assessing the water that can really be mobilized in the Kimberley and Canning Basin, Australia
963 kb
Valdes, PaulaLa Ordenación de Espacios metropolitanos. Transformaciones socio- territoriales en el eje Gran Resistencia- Corrientes, Argentina
652 kb
van de Put, Margot & Teughels, PhilippeImagining a new Waterfront for Antwerp
193 kb
Van den Broeck, PieterAn urban Boundary Plan as a first Step towards a metropolitan Perspective for the City Region of Antwerp
813 kb
Van den Broeck, JefNetworking and Urban networks in Flanders. The case of the Flemish Diamond
1509 kb
Van den Broeck, PieterPlanning Tools in the Flemish Region. A socio-political Perspective
69 kb
Van den Broeck, JefStrategic Spatial Planning and Strategic Projects. A transformative activity
95 kb
Van den Busken, SybrenCreative Hot-spots by Urban Diversity
250 kb
van den Hoek, Joost W. The Mixed-use Index (MXI) as Instrument for anti Sprawl Policy
692 kb
van der Burg, Arjen J, & Vink, Bart L.Randstad Holland towards 2040 - perspectives from national government
1321 kb
van der Wagt, MarijnThe Dutch Approach in Making Cities
59 kb
van Dijk, RiaPlanning and politics
116 kb
Van Dyck, Barbara & Verhetsel, AnnReviving brownfields into living Workplaces: technopôle angus and trefil arbed
71 kb
van Hasselt, Kai & Robinett, Peter Urban Finance Instruments Analyzed Through the Concepts of Collective Action, Incentives and Externalities
104 kb
van Lierop, Marjo & Matthijssen, JeroenSustainable City, Appealing City
967 kb
Van Oort, Frank & Van der Laan, Lambert & null, nullICT and economic growth: do we lose our concentration?
41 kb
Van Remmen, Yvonne & Van den Burg, ArjenUrban Growth without Sprawl, a way towards sustainable urbanisation
1049 kb
van Teeffelen, JanA new research approach to detect the creative potentials of Rotterdam
461 kb
van Waesberghe, GérardIntegration of Public Transport and ''Public'' City Car System
60 kb
Van Zyl, PieterCape Town's V&A Waterfront Project Adaptive Re-use as a Foundation for Sustainable Urban Renewal
331 kb
Vancutsem, DidierChallenges of Spatial planning in the context of ICT: lessons from actual research projects – new frontiers for spatial planners and cities
318 kb
Vancutsem, DidierEvaluation and Discussion of the Perm Masterplan
1072 kb
Vanempten, Elke“Integrated“ strategic rurban Projects? An overview of the dimensions of integration
151 kb
Vanoutrive, ThomasSustainable spatial Planning for European Sea Ports
39 kb
Vargas Przerwa-Tetmajer, Aldo Major Pulsar Events in Cracow
23 kb
Varol, Cigdem & Gurer, Nilufer & Ercoskun, OzgeBuilding Partnerships for the Integration of Disabled to the City: Creating accessible Spaces in Çankaya, Ankara
186 kb
Veludo, RicardoIntelligent territory
7887 kb
Ventura Bento, Nuno & Serdoura, FranciscoPublic Spaces for a global new urban Identity
807 kb
Verhagen, EvertA clear Vision for Footing
28 kb
Verhagen, EvertA crerative model for brownfield regeneration
48 kb
Vermeulen, PeterHow can urban Projects have a strategic Influence?
1125 kb
Verna, NelCan the South African land use management system be an effective tool in creating low(er) carbon cities?
42 kb
Verri, PaoloTorino: a future of knowledge and creativity
21 kb
Verweij, Jos ‘Arnhem Art Port’, Chances for the Creative Economy in the City of Arnhem
398 kb
Vettorato, DanieleImproving the Resilience of a City to the Peak Oil through Solar Energy. An Estimation Method Applied to Bressanone City
482 kb
Vettorato, DanieleBridging Urban Morphology and Energy Performance Analysis. A Case Study within the Alpine Region
990 kb
Vettorato, DanieleUrban Planning and Design for Local Climate Mitigation: A methodology based on remote sensing and GIS
1372 kb
Villa Luna, Marcela & null, null & null, nullImpact of globalisation in the agglomeration dynamics of Trujillo, a north-western Peruvian city
26 kb
Villalobos Hernandez, Maria AltagraciaAttractiveness and Inventiveness in the Public Spaces
374 kb
58 kb
Vloebergh, GuyNew spatial strategies for the densely built-up Flanders region (Belgium)
541 kb
Vloebergh, Guy Cross-Border Environmental Planning Offers Perspectives for Shrinking Regions
315 kb
Vloebergh, GuySpatial Planning Can Deal with Transformation and Changes in the Urban Sprawl Laboratory Called Flanders
449 kb
Vogelaar, Frans & Sikiaridi, Elizabeth & null, nullIdensity™ - planning paradigms for the information/communication Age
27 kb
Vohra, RachnaPlanning for Unplanned Mega-Events
33 kb
Vollebregt, AlexanderSpace and Spatiality: Re-conceptualising the Creative Urban
30 kb
Vonk, LieseRotterdam: Living with Water
380 kb
Vonk, Liese & Wierenga, Elien & Vleeshouwers, SusanneTowards a strategic spatial Agenda for an expanding Randstad
625 kb
Vreeswijk, ElviraDestination Amsterdam
1028 kb
Vrolijks, Luc & Königs, MarteenUrban Futures for Pendleton
996 kb
Vukotic Lazar, Marta & Djokic, JasminaComplex History of the Area as a Source of planning Problems
762 kb
Vuksanovic, ZoranIle Perseverance, new Town in Seychelles, innovative Way of avoiding urban Sprawl
717 kb
Wakefield, JohnUrban Transformations, Morphology and Development-Malaysia
26 kb
Walloth, ChristianIntegrated Bottom Up and Top Down Governance of Cities – A Systems Approach
473 kb
WANG, Sisi & CHEN, Chundi & YANG, QianEcological Infrastructure as a powerful Instrument for smart Growth: A case study of Beijing
1172 kb
Wang, Jun & Zhang, Guofeng & Zhang, ZhaoThe Water Vision for a Water City-A Case Study on the “Two Rivers and Four Lakes” Spatial Planning Project in Guilin, China
1516 kb
Wang, KaiThe Development Tendency of China's urban spatial Structure
660 kb
Wang, Guon & Zhu, Jiang & Yu, YangThe Action Planning of Regional Greenspaces in the Pearl River Delta
927 kb
Wang, Fei & Wei, Wei & Li, MingEqualization of Public Service Facilities for Tourist Cities - Case Study of Sanya’s Downtown Public Service Facilities in the Planning Process
889 kb
Webster, JessicaTransforming grey spaces into vibrant places: a case study of the Champlain Bridge Mural Pilot Project
55 kb
Webster, Jessica The Canadian Urban Archetypes Project: a tool facilitating the integration of energy-related information into urban planning decision making
169 kb
Webster, Jessica & Tomalty , Ray & Korteling, BettResidential energy use characterization and mapping: research and development of information for community energy and greenhouse gas planning in Canada
559 kb
WEI, Yaping & MIN, ZhaoEntangling Land-use Regulations in China“s Urban Growth: The Case of Guangzhou
1146 kb
Wei, Gang & Jiang, ZhaohuiAnalysis of The Spatial Characteristics of Commercial Streets in China's Southern Cities: A Case of Three Commercial Streets in SuZhou
812 kb
Weith, ThomasCooperation between federal States in Land Use Management – a successful framework for sustainable metropolitan development in Germany?
526 kb
Weith, ThomasCross-border governance: a catalyst for low carbon city-regions? - Experiences from the German-Polish border region
996 kb
Weith, Thomas & Repp, AnnegretThe concept of Sustainable Land Management: a comparative discussion (at a global scale)
84 kb
Wen, Wu FengThe Integration Research of Protection in Peking HuTong
274 kb
Wenger, FredEXPO '02, 6th National Exposition of the Swiss Conferation
13 kb
Willems, DriesTuning integrated Project Realisation in Function of a developing integrated Vision
216 kb
wirz, nicole & suter, beat & wolf, peterThe perspectives of a medium-sized city in the neighbourhood of Zurich
1651 kb
Wirz, Nicole & Grimaldi, CarolinaTowards an new professional profile and image
35 kb
Wolfe, JeanneGovernance and Planning in Montreal
235 kb
Wood, CourtneyThe Riverside County Integrated Project – The Importance of Urban Management in California
20 kb
Wright, Ian & Geer, HerbetAre we all neoliberals now? Urban planning in a neoliberal era
288 kb
Wu, HaojunThe way toward a Green City - the Case of Shenzhen
948 kb
WU, Zhiling & Verweij, Jos & Smolders, BertFraming urban Development; spatial strategies by sister-cities Wuhan, China and Arnhem, Netherlands
1023 kb
Wu, Xiaoli & Gallagher, Michael & Hao, Liu, Long, ChengUpgrading Urban Renewal Planning for More Efficient Implementation in a Time of Economic Transformation
268 kb
Wullers, DanielaReading the City, Appreciating the Neighbourhood: the case of Linkeroever, Antwerp
464 kb
XI, Xuesong & HAN, HuiEcological Infrastructure and urban Landscape Identity
417 kb
Xianghui, Tian & Lei, Wang & Xiaojing, XuThe Sustainable Development of Urban Agriculture under the Background of Rapid Urbanization
226 kb
Xiaojuan, ZhouThe Low Carbon and Recycling Theory of “Cradle To Cradle” Applied in Community Planning in Germany and its Inspiration to China
241 kb
Xu, ChenWhether supply side housing assistance program is efficient in helping overcome spatial mismatch
590 kb
Xu, Benying & Wei, HaoyanEvaluation on the Construction and Implementation of Pearl River Delta Greenway from the Viewpoint of “Prototype Features”
1818 kb
Xu, YiboTo Alleviate Spatial and Social Divisions by Modifying Grids: City Planning and Social Orders in Ancient Multi-ethnical Chinese Cities
705 kb
Yaghoubkhani, Morteza & Dadashpour, Hashem & Kheyroddin, RezaThe Study of Land Use Changes in the Tehran Metropolitan Area by Using MOLAND Model
1245 kb
Yagüe Mata, José MaríaThe changing City / Contradiction and Creativity in the public Spaces of historic City Centers
510 kb
Yamaguchi, Shinobu Yume & Leong, Ceelia & Takada, Jun-ichiCase studies on GIS Application on sustainable Development and cultural Heritage Preservation in World Heritage Sites in Asia
960 kb
Yamaguchi, Shinobu Yume & Takada, Jun-ichi & Ooka, Nobuo ICT for sustainable Development in World Heritage Site
1059 kb
Yang, WenyaoPractice and Innovation on Low-carbon in the Hongqiao Business District Plan
1289 kb
Yang, Zhi & Hu , Haibo & Wang, HaiyongCoordinating Strategy of Preserving the Local Identity during the Rapid Urbanization in China: Case Study of Three Towns in the South of Kunshan
612 kb
Yang, Jiang & Villadsen, Kristian & Deurs, CamillaBuilding a Better World upon Local Empirical Walking Data: A Case of a Pedestrian Project in Chongqing, China
2079 kb
Yazgi, BurcinMulti-directional Flows of People In One City: The Case of Istanbul
280 kb
Yazgi, BurcinMulti-directional Flows of People In One City: The Case of Istanbul
280 kb
Yi, Fangxin & Wang, Xinfeng & Huang, LuxinExperiences in Cross-Boundary Cooperation and Multi-level Governance for Sustainable Development in Urbanizing China: a Case study of Chengdu-Mianyang-Deyang Intergovernmental Cooperation and Coordination Planning
364 kb
Yibo, XuTo Alleviate Spatial and Social Divisions by Modifying Grids: City Planning and Social Orders in Ancient Multi-ethnical Chinese Cities
705 kb
Yildirim, Ege & El-Masri, SamiMaster Planning for Heritage Conservation in Al Ain Oasis, UAE
2048 kb
Yilmaz-Saygin, Nicel“Commodification” of Cities: Promoting Izmir (Turkey) as a World City
380 kb
Yin, Huiliang & Yi, Fangxin Peri-Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei Cross-boundary Mega-region Planning towards Sustainability in Urbanizing China
1180 kb
Yin, HsiaotingIssues in the Trends and Methods of Preserving Historic Districts in Today’s China: Case Study of Three Cities
60 kb
Ying, ShengA tale of two low carbon cities
464 kb
YIP, Stanley C TPlanning for Eco-cities in China: Visions, Approaches and Challenges
583 kb
YIP, Stanley C T Towards a new paradigm in development control- low carbon city zoning codes for Beijing
356 kb
Yousry, Ahmed & Mekawy, HalaRural-Urban poverty in Egypt
216 kb
YU, Jing & ZHU, RongApproaching Eco City - Humble opinions on the ’harmony city’ concept of the World EXPO 2010, Shanghai, China
1740 kb
YU, Kongjian & LI, HailongEcological Infrastructure as a Tool for smart Growth: A reversed approach
567 kb
Yu, Cheng & Chen, Jinfu & Yang, XiFrom Rate Growth to Quality Improvement: Promoting Policy System for New-Urbanization in China
169 kb
Yu, JingRefining and Reappear Shanghai South Bund Revitalization
983 kb
Yu, Cheng & Chen, Jinfu & Yang, XiFrom Rate Growth to Quality Improvement: Promoting Policy System for New-Urbanization in China)
169 kb
Yu, Yang & Zeng, ZhengChanging Dimensions of a Liveable City: A Case study of Wuhan
300 kb
Yu, Cheng & Huang, PanpanTowards Sustainable Development: Improvement of China’s Urban Spatial Growth Management System
342 kb
Yuan, Gong & Yu, Xiao & Li, LuStudy on Tianjin Public Housing Residential District Planning to Meet the Needs of Migration in Rapid Urbanization
731 kb
Yuan, Gong & Yu, Xiao & Li, Lu Study on Tianjin Public Housing Residential District Planning to Meet the Needs of Migration in Rapid Urbanization
731 kb
Yuan, Gong & Yu, XiaoStudy on Planning of Tianjin Counties Industrial Park Based on Recycling Economy Theory
141 kb
Yuen, BelindaInternal Expansion: Singapore high-rise
117 kb
Yuen, BelindaEco-city planning: pure hype or achievable concept
256 kb
Yvonne, MosetiPublic Participation for Sustainable Development in Local Cities
66 kb
Zagrzejewska - Fiedorowicz, Magdalena Local identity in globalized world-El – Wadi El –Gedid, oases of The Egyptian Western Desert: Siwa, Baharia, Farafra, Dakhla i Kharga
46 kb
Zagrzejewska Fiedorowicz, Magdalena & Fiedorowicz, KazimierzMetropolitan cities in Poland
792 kb
Zakaria El Adli, KhalidReconsidering Town and Town-Making Principles: A Study Pertaining to New Cairo City Center
44 kb
Zakaria El Adli Imam, Khalid & Bashandy, SoadGlobalization Versus Sustainable Tourism Development
2192 kb
Zaman, JanRegional planning for climate proofing cities
1199 kb
Zaman, JanSpatial strategy for the Great War Landscape in Flanders
1216 kb
Zarrabi, Ashgar & null, null & null, nullInformation Age and the future of Cities in Developing Countries
168 kb
Zeng, GuoyingThe Urban Segmentation Problem of Shenzhen
316 kb
Zhai, Baohui & Wang, Dongmei & Wang, RusongThe Analysis of Transforming Heavy Industrial District to Tourism Destination: A Case Study
140 kb
Zhai, Baohui & Jia, Yuliang & Xu, QingyunA long way to go: the coordinative development in the capital region of China?
1369 kb
ZHAI, Guofang & SUZUKI, TakeshiEvaluating public Preferences for Sustainability with a Choice Experiment Approach in Japan
132 kb
ZHANG, Xiaoli & HU, YangLay Equal Stress on Land Utilization Efficiency and Ecological Environment - Adhere to Intensive Growth Oriented Development Zone Construction
1273 kb
Zhang, Xinquan & Wang, Weiqiang & Zhu, Ling &, Jiang, QiProbe into the creation of eco-residence by using low carbon technology
665 kb
Zhang, Ming & Sha, Siyun (Sarah) & Wang, GuoenSlow-Moving Traffic and the Built-Environmental Design
1032 kb
Zhang, Danming & Dong, ArongEstimation of the Water Resource Capacity of Chinese Cities and Megalopolises in the Future Urbanization
1610 kb
Zhang, Xiaoli & Hu, JiyuanEdge City and its Formation and Growth Mechanism in China: Case Study of Yizhuang New Town, Beijing
1401 kb
Zhang, LiIncreasing Cities and Shrinking Regions (Increasing Cities and Shrinking Regions: Migration in China’s Urbanization— —Cases from Sichuan and Henan Provinces)
682 kb
Zhang, LiIncreasing Cities and Shrinking Regions (Increasing Cities and Shrinking Regions: Migration in China’s Urbanization— —Cases from Sichuan and Henan Provinces)
682 kb
Zhang, Ying & Huang, ZhengdongGI-based Performance Evaluation of a Bike Sharing System in Wuhan, China
1035 kb
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